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Applying Eyeliner in the Correct Manner

The number one priority for most American teenage girls is the achievement of great looks and maintenance of a fantastic appearance. This is sad because these girls could be spending much of the time they spend preparing for the day, reapplying makeup, and undergoing cosmetic surgery giving to the world and making it a better place.

Instead, the media has placed this untowardly pressure on teenage girls to become super thin and develop a computer generate beauty. There are many ways in which the teenage girls seek beauty.

Some seek it through drugs. This obviously has very negative side effects for teenage girls.

Others seek beauty through cosmetic surgery. The main benefit of undergoing surgery is that most of the procedures produce results that are permanent.

However, when the procedure goes wrong they may be stuck with results that are less than desirable. In addition, cosmetic surgery procedures are very costly.

The other main alternative through which teenage girls seek beauty is through the application of makeup. Makeup can also be quite expensive, but not nearly as expensive as undergoing cosmetic surgery.

In addition, makeup is temporary, but less permanent. There are tradeoffs for whether cosmetic surgery or the application of makeup is chosen as the primary means of seeking beauty.

However, the incorrect application of makeup will not enhance beauty. Makeup must be applied in such a way that it enhances natural beauty.

It can be challenging to learn how to properly apply makeup. One of the things that is applied incorrectly the most often is eyeliner.

When eyeliner is properly applied, it will bring out your eyes and help give you a more defined look. However, it is very easy to not apply properly.

When this occurs, your look will be transformed from elegant to a first grader’s art project. The biggest component of whether or not eyeliner enhances your look is the color you choose.

Brown is the most natural color and most often used in everyday life. Black can also be used effectively it you have dark hair.

Charcoal can also be used by many people because it is slightly lighter than black. The rare green eyed person might want to use a plum color.

Plum eyeliner looks fantastic on green-eyed people. When you have selected an appropriate eye color depending on your shade of eye, hair and skin, you will be ready to apply the eyeliner.

Start on the upper lid. A sharp pencil is effective for drawing a thin, dark line on the edge of your upper eye lid.
It is best to use a heavy hand and a thin pencil tip for the upper lid. When you are done apply the eyeliner to the upper lid, the pencil will be slightly duller and softer.

This is perfect for lining the lower eyelids. Sometimes eyeliner pencils are very hard and waxy.

This can make it very hard to draw a dark line on the edge of your eyelashes. If this is the case, warm the tip of the pencil with your fingers or run it under hot water for a few seconds.

These procedures will make the pencil much easier to use. When you apply the eyeliner to the upper eye lid, you will want to begin as the inner corner as close to your lash line as possible.

Depending on your eye shape you will want to begin as the same point as your eyelashes or a quarter of an inch in. Once you begin, try not to pick up your pencil.

Follow the eyelash line out to the corner of your eye. Sometime pressing harder can make the line darker and thicker as you move out.

This can add a very dramatic effect and draw attention to your eyes for a formal evening. The line you apply underneath the eye should be lighter than the line on the top eyelid.

The line should also be applied from the outside of the eye moving in. However, the line under the eye should be applied in the same manner as the upper eyelid.

The lower line should also stop about seventy-five percent of the way in. When you are done applying the lower lid line, you will want to use a cotton swab to blend it in.

Begin on the inner corner and work your way out. When you are done, the lower line should look more like a shadow than a line.

The correct application of eyeliner can make a dramatic improvement in your appearance. However, it must be applied properly.

Terry Daniels