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A New Way to Spice up Your Platter

As soon as the aroma drifts through the air, your first work is to rush towards the kitchen in order to find out what’s cooking today!! When you observe a dish, you always wonder what has contributed to it its rich color and that aroma!! However when the time comes for you to taste a dish, you immediately come to know what are the ingredients involved in it, along with comprehending what exactly has made this dish. There are many things that actually enrich a dish.

Spices, the color and various other things! Spices does endow a dish with the most of its magical qualities like delectable taste, the pulsating color and last but not the least an exquisite flavor. Perhaps, it is entice of spices that has led to the expansion of global trade, along with the exploration of newer territories.

It is a fact that these spices are available in various forms and types. Some are in the form of a dried seed, or root, bark, or even at times as a fruit or vegetable substance. However all these are used comprehensively in the South-East Asian cuisines.

Some of the most commonly used spices that have gained special position in the genre of cooking are the following:

  • Pepper
  • Chillies
  • Tur­meric
  • Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Areca nut

They can be used various reasons such as for flavouring or even at times to play with the taste of both sweet and savoury preparations. In fact the use of turmeric and red chilies have the capability to give a vibrant color to any dish, while on the other hand Cinnamon or Cloves are particularly utilized to season the aromatic savory preparations like Biryani, or Chicken Butter Masala and even the famous Indian cuisine Chicken Tikka. However if compared to them then saffron or cardamom provides for irresistible color and flavor to sweets.

 Spices have many health advantages additionally. They’re celebrated for spicing up the dishes. So, spices are always employed in winter season to heat our body and chase away infections. It’s conjointly employed in meat preparations to majorly forestall it from spoiling.

Among the many advantages of spices one is that they are also made in micro-nutrients like Vitamin A, iron, calcium, etc and act as anti-oxidants for organic structure. So, contrary to public knowledge and perception, use of spices renders food a healthy perspective.

We say boost our life whereas Indians and Malaysians believe spicing up their culinary art. Glorious use of various exotic spices by them provides their culinary art exquisite flavor and style. They conjointly use them in their ancient systems of drugs.

Shophia Mooray