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A Manicure with Bling Makes for a Showy Wedding

A manicure in Vancouver BC is the perfect place to prepare your hands and nails to be seen by all your friends and loved ones. You can even bring a friend along with you for moral support – or better yet, get manicures with all of your bridesmaids. Just make sure that you leave with the most glamorous nails, because you don’t want anyone to steal the spotlight from you.

Have you ever seen a bride with gorgeous nails? The right bridal manicure can really set you apart from the crowd. The latest style is 3D nail art, which involves expertly applied stones and crystals. This isn’t your grandma’s wedding, after all (though there are some pretty hip grandmas these days!).

If you’re uncomfortable with 3D nail art or just aren’t sure what design to pick, talk with an expert. Some women prefer to look at their wedding gown for inspiration. You can look at pictures of other bridal nails to help you decide what’s right for you. Just have fun and find a manicure in Vancouver that will make you feel special. If there’s ever a day to be a fashion icon, it’s your wedding day.

 Whether you opt for plain polish or 3D art, you’ll be glad you invested extra time in your nails and hands. Nail design is a specialty art, so you’ll want to find a nail artist with a lot of experience in the trade. This isn’t the time to try to glue crystals onto your own nails, or have an inexperienced friend try to come up with a design. It could be a do-it-yourself disaster. Fortunately, there are many nail professionals available to give you the perfect manicure in Vancouver.
You are the biggest celebrity in the room on your wedding day, so make sure you’re making a statement. Like walking on the red carpet, all the focus will be on you when you walk down the aisle. What do you want your nails to look like in your wedding photos? It’s an important decision, but an impressive bling-bling manicure in Vancouver is just waiting for you.
Jennie Li