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A Guide to know About Dress Shirts

Are you thinking what to wear for office? Of course, dress shirts are a great choice to wear for professional settings. This classic piece of item is an important element of your closet that can emphasize your dress sense. If truth be told, nearly you all of you can’t survive without this luxury piece of clothing.  While selecting dress shirts, make sure you have to consider the two important factors: yes comfort and quality. Whether you are an ambitious employee or an executive, it’s advisable to carefully choose this essential piece of clothing that’s surely fit your personality.

What Fabrics to consider?

Fabric matters a lot. The fabric is the most important part of the shirt that truly defines the quality of the garment. Types of dress shirts depend on different factors such as the type of collar, lengths of sleeves and buttons, the material type used to make a quality garment.  Number of different apparel brands commonly use rayon and polyester blends to create the shirts. The most popular fabric choice which is usually used for manufacturing this garment is “cotton”. Some other fabrics choices that are used for woven shirts are silk poplin, oxford, white pique cotton, broadcloth, pin-point and more. Polyester, cotton blend is indeed the best choice for constructing quality shirts due to its longevity, capability to breathe, accessibility and keep the wearer comfortable during all the day.

Something about its Maintenance

Shirts which are manufactured with quality fabric are easy to clean. If you have to remove stain and dirt from your shirt, you can use a mild cleansing agent instead of a strong agent like bleach. Another great suggestion is avoid multiple washing or drying it in the hot dryer. You can also take professional dry cleaning services for gentle removal of stain or dirt and to prevent shrinkage and fading of the fabric.

Great for professional environments

Dress shirts with pointed collar are the most popular style choice, can be worn on different business environments. Employees and executives in conservative settings such as real estate, brokerage, financial events, and government organizations can usually style this classic piece of clothing as a professional statement, power and sense of sophistication!

Whether you want a ready-made or custom-made shirt, it should be made from high quality cotton fabric that’s wrinkle-free, wick moisture, resist fading. While selecting this luxury clothing item, make sure it’s durable, comfortable enough and right fit for your body type. You have wide options to pair your classic shirt with dress pants, silk tie or a signature dress suit. If you want to attain a casual look, you can pair your shirt with sports blazer and jeans.

Edward Franklin