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A Great Way to Pamper Your Hands and Feet

Having your nails done and your feet pampered every once in a while is not vanity, but hygiene. If you want to be confident wearing sandals and slippers during summer and confidently show your hands off, it is advisable that you go to a nail salon and have soothing and cleansing services for your hands and feet. Our feet and hands are the most abused parts of our bodies for they carry our weight and they work more than some other parts do. It is just right to give them consolation of treating them as important as the others.

Here is list of the services you might need if you are interested in giving yourself a treat:


  • Manicure- There are a lot of manicure services you can choose from. It may depend on your taste may it be a French manicure, an express manicure, or for a more luxurious treatment, a deluxe manicure. Aside from the benefit of having neatly trimmed and clean nails it also adds color and accents to what you wear. To some people, creativity is seen on their nails. Nail arts are famous nowadays to show their sense of style and design.
 Manicures are not only done for women but also for men who wanted to look clean and neat. As mentioned, it is not vanity, but hygiene.
  • Paraffin Manicure- If you are in need of having your skin smoothen before a cleaning, a paraffin treatment is the best choice. This treatment is more complex compared to the ordinary because it lasts longer and feels more relaxing as it results to smoother and cleaner fingertips.


  • Pedicure- Same as the hands, the feet are the most abused parts of our body, it is just right to give them  a time off and have them treated and beautified. Pedicure is one of the best and fastest way to give your toe nails a little treat. Also, if you want to be flip-flops-ready, it would be best to have color on your nails to show your feet’s beauty.

Other packages are also offered for pedicures such as Spa pedicures to help treat rough skin to create a softer, smoother and pinkish color to eliminate signs of stress and overwork.

Choose a nail salon that would cater to more than your needs. Make sure that you are being treated by trained and courteous personnel. You may inquire of their packages and other services to get big discounts.

Mimi Aringo