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8 Places To Visit in Dubai Tour

Dubai without any doubt is an international shopping center. Persons from every corner of the world come here for their shopping. Apart from shopping, Dubai has a lot to make the tourists entertained and feel relaxed celebrating their holidays. The availability of numerous shopping malls, towers, fountains, beaches, parks, etc makes a tourist to feel difficulty in selecting destinations for his tour to Dubai. There is no need to worry about as the article has mentioned 8 places that you can include in your Dubai tour.

Burj Al ArabThe world’s only one 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab is known as the Tower of Arab and isthe most visited place in Dubai. Having height of 321 meters, it is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. The design of this hotel is very impressive and gives you a look of sailing boat or yacht. There is no Dubai tour package which would be completed without including this hotel.

Burj KhalfiaDubai has several skyscrapers but most of them fall short in front of Burj Khalfia. Having 150 floors, it attracts numerous tourists to visit. The journey of visiting this skyscraper begins with the entrance at ground floor which has Dubai Mall and ends with reaching at the top.

 Wild WadiIt is the water park which is included in most of Dubai tour packages. If you are on family holiday and children are with you, don’t forget to visit Wild Wadi. Your kids will be very grateful to you after visiting this water park in Dubai trip.

 Jumeriah BeachIt is the most visited beach in Dubai. The Jumeriah Beach houses 7 more beaches and has been the center for the tourists seeking for the natural beauty of sea.

 Global VillageIt has been offering exciting shopping experience to numerous persons of the world for more than 15 years, Mouth-watering cuisines, breathtaking live performance, genuine handicrafts and several merchandises from many countries await for you in Global Village. The village houses several attractions that include games, thrilling rides and firework displays to make your Dubai tour unforgettable.

 Dubai FountainsInstalled at the 30 acre Burj Khalfia Lake, it is amazing fountain and the tallest tower of the world. The water of the fountains goes up to the height of 500 feet which is equivalent to a building of 50 storeys. It has five circles of varied sizes and two middle arcs and is 900 meters long. More than 6600 wet super lights and 25 colored projectors develop a visual spectrum of around 1000 abstract attractions. You can see the beam of light signing from 20 miles away and it makes the brightest place in the Middle East.

 Dubai MarinaDubai Marina is a whole area having varied delicious slice of the country. Counted among the most urbanized corners, it is still in the development process.

 Gold SquadIt is a famous market for gold and is included in all Dubai packages. You can buy here everything from the imitation of gold pieces to pure gold artifacts including golden bangles. If you are on Dubai tour for shopping, don’t forget to visit & buy jewelry from here.

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