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6 methods of soil can let the dandruff away

1, fresh ginger water shampoo:

In the burning hot water into the fresh ginger is used to wash your hair, go dandruff. When you wash your hair, will head into water, wash and gently massage the scalp, and then wash with water, dry with a towel. The very next day then wash detergent. At least a week wash two times, last a period of time will have a certain effect.

2, mulberry bark shampoo:

Mulberry four money, in some boiling water soak a few minutes, and then soak the mulberry bark water wash your hair, wash 5 days in a row, you can get rid of dandruff.

3, spring onion mud shampoo:

First onion muddy, yarn package is good, use it to tap the scalp, until the onion juice evenly deposited on the scalp and hair. A few hours later, and then wash mud onions, antidandruff good effect.

4, vinegar shampoo solution:

Take vinegar 150 ml, heating 1 kg of water, stir well to fully. With this water, shampoo 1 times a day, can go dandruff itching, also help to prevent hair loss, but also reduce the hair fork.

5, salt shampoo:

With salt, a little different, into the pot, add water right amount, dissolved after the shampoo, can check the scalp itching, reduce dandruff.

6, Bromogeramine solution shampoo:

First wash the hair with warm water, then take 100 ml of benzalkonium bromide solution, adding the same amount of water, mix well. Shampoo, hair full immersion, hands after rubbing repeatedly, with a dry towel head wrap, half an hour later, and then wash with warm water. General 1 times effective, if no go to the net, after 1 weeks, the same method and then washed 1 times, to be effective.

Clever formulation moisturizing shampoo, hair dye against excessive, dry and withered. This method is simple and economical fast to learn it.

*Protein Shampoo

Take an egg, remove the egg yolks, adding the normal use of the shampoo in the egg white, use directly after mixing evenly.

Efficacy, the head can give dry skin and hair to bring nutrients and moisture characteristic, especially suitable for dry hair.

*A squeeze of Lemon Shampoo

The lemon juice, filtering residue, and then use the right amount of shampoo in the lemon juice, stir and can be used directly.What color is your cheap micro loop hair extensions ?

Efficacy, good clean hair effect. If you oily hair with Lemon Shampoo washed more refreshing and clean.

*Beer Shampoo

The beer and shampoo mixed at a ratio of 1:1, while stirring while heating to 70 degrees Celsius, after cooling can be used directly.

Effect, can make hair dry and dull with natural gloss.You can wear a powdered cheap pre bonded hair extensions  , as is the fashion of the day.

Maria Clay