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5 Weird dishes to eat in Australia

Each country has its own special dishes which are consumed by the locals without any hesitation but the same foods may appear rather weird to someone from another part of the world. Just like in India itself, we consume sweets and spices of the kind which often appear out-of-place for a foreign tourist. So, when you do book our Australia tour package for a fancy trip down under, we dare you to try one of these Australian dishes without puking or without saying ‘yuck’:

Kangaroo: Here in India, we often look forward to cuddling or at least watching a kangaroo play at our backyard in some distant future. Since we do not have them in our forests, there is a certain degree of respect for these animals. But back in Australia, they are found in numbers which can give Delhi’s street dogs a bit of a shame. So, the locals have been eating them since eternity. The fluffy tail is a rather supremely enjoyed part of the animal. For you who have perhaps never even seen a kangaroo, eating it can be quite a dare.

Emu: Emu is one of the most abundant birds in Australia. Its meat is extremely high on demand. The garish red color of the meat looks sinfully delicious but even a chaste non-vegetarian from India will find it a bit weird to put this into his mouth.

 Emu egg: If Emu is not your cup of bird (err…tea), you can go for its eggs. It is remarkable how different its eggs may taste from the ones laid by Indian hens which we usually wolf down in India. Also, the eggs of emu are monstrous and one large egg can easily serve omelet to at least two hungry families.

Crocodile: It is ironic that the same country which has produced a stalwart like Steve Irvin yearns so much for croc meat. This country is also known for its heavy density of crocodiles. There are croc farms in several parts of Australia especially in the state of Queensland. So, do not raise an eyebrow if your eyes bristle past Crocodile meat while flitting through the restaurant menu.

Vegemite: Let’s not talk animal anymore. Vegemite has got nothing to do with meat. So, you can really have a go at this one. It is hard to describe this dish though it comes fairly close to looking like a Nutella and tasting like a chocolate cake. No wonder, they say that Australia is one of the best places for food lovers.

Manya Singh