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5 Dress Styles That Will Make You Look Thinner

While certain ladies wear items you see on the runway may look great on models, they may not look great on every woman. To ensure you purchase ladies clothes that look beautiful on you, it’s important to understand your body shape. You also must know how to choose dresses that hide imperfections while making you look amazing. Find out more about your body type and the top dress styles that will make you look thinner.

Understanding Your Body Shape

Before choosing ladies wear, it’s always important to understand your body shape. Once you’re aware of your body shape, you can compensate for problem areas by drawing attention to your best features. Here is a look at the most common body shapes.

– Straight – Women with this body shape have very little difference in their bust, waist and hip measurements, since body fat is evenly distributed throughout the body.

– Hourglass – Women with the hourglass shape have a smaller waist with larger hip and chest measurements that are fairly close. These individuals have more fat distribution in the lower and upper body area.

– Pear – Women with a pear shape tend to gain weight in the lower part of their body, including the buttock and thigh areas. In most cases, these women have a small bust measurement and larger hips.

– V-Shaped – V-shaped women have shoulders that are wider than their waist, leaving them with narrower legs and a wider chest and arms.

– Apple – The apple shape usually involves having more body fat in the waist area. Women with this shape usually have a larger waist measurement than hip or bust measurements.

Once you understand your unique body shape, you can choose clothing that minimizes problem areas to highlight your favorite features. However, there are certain types of ladies wear that looks great on almost every body shape. Here is a look at five of the top dress styles you can wear to look thinner.

Style #1 – Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a popular choice in ladies clothes. These dresses are long and flowing. In most cases, they fit closely in the bust and then flow to the ankles or the floor. This style is flattering for any body type and skims over the hips, waist and thighs.

Style #2 – Empire Waist Dresses

Another great style that will help you look slimmer is an empire waist dress. This ladies wear style has a high waistline that is right below the bust and then the bottom half of the dress skims over the waist and hips. Since they create a youthful, beautiful shape, they look great on all body types. The empire waist dress looks especially good on women with pear or apple shapes.

Style #3 – Sundress

This dress looks wonderful during the summer and includes thin shoulder straps, a wide neckline and a medium length. For women who don’t have good waist definition, a belt can accent the waist area. Women with a pear figure can go with thicker fabrics that don’t cling to the thigh area.

Style #4 – Color Block Dresses

Color block dresses make it easy to look a few pounds lighter. Many dresses are designed to add definition to the waist, providing a dress that looks great on most women

Style #5 – Cap Sleeve Dresses

Since cap sleeves go over the shoulders and upper arm, women who are a bit self-conscious about their arms or shoulders will love this dress. This style makes shoulders and arms look narrower and they can look great on women with any shape.

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