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4 Ways to Prepare for Skiing Season

Winter is just around the corner. Before heading out on the slopes, make sure you are prepared first! Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for maximum enjoyment of ski season.

Strength Training

You can benefit greatly from being stronger. Not only will you have more stamina, but you will also gain greater balance, which is essential for skiers. You can try a weightlifting program or consider using yoga or pilates to stretch out, strengthen and tone your muscles. You may be surprised at how strong you can become by practicing yoga. You also benefit from a more zen-like mental state, which will further enhance your ski time.


Being in good cardiovascular shape is critical. Make sure you embark on a practical cardio training routine well before you head out on the slopes. By getting your heart in shape, you can lessen the tired feeling you get after a day on the slopes. Great exercises to help with this include some time on the treadmill, on a stair stepper or a rowing machine. Swimming can also get your heart in shape with less impact on joints and muscles.

Another reason to get in good cardio shape is because the cold can have an effect on your blood pressure. So, if you have high blood pressure, and perhaps don’t know it yet, you can put yourself at risk of a having a heart attack on the slopes. By getting your heart in shape and your blood pressure in check, you can better enjoy your time on the slopes.


Take the time to check on and repair or refresh your ski equipment. Check your skis for any cracks, chips or other problems. If you see any problems, you may want to think about buying a new pair of skis. In addition, having a good pair of ski boots is also critical. Check over your boots carefully, and make sure to try them on again. Sometimes, the fit may have changed due to exposure to elements, or perhaps you have gained or lost weight. Make sure your boots fit nice and snug, yet very comfortably.

You should also take care to check out your accessories like goggles, gloves, ski poles, scarf and other items. Having a great pair of ski goggles is important for enjoying your time on the slopes. Your goggles will protect one of your most precious assets, your eyes, from sun, wind, snow, glare, tree branches, ice and other objects you may encounter. Make sure to check your goggle strap to be sure it will fit around your head and headwear snugly and won’t fly off when you’re racing down that hill.


One handy thing you should know how to do is fall. Yes, no matter how much experience you have on the slopes, there can always be some unforeseen hazard around the corner. You should always know how to fall properly on your skis. The main trick here is to fall towards the mountain. When you do this, you lessen the impact of the fall, causing your body less trauma. In fact, if you master falling, you can be more confident and less fearful of falling, making your ski experience much more pleasant.

Lydia Quinn