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13 Makeup Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Your Glasses

You should feel #blessed to live in a time where there are so many cute glasses available and geek is somehow chic. So, the next time you’re getting ready and you go to reach for your contacts, don’t! Instead, use these insider tips from Stila Cosmetics pro makeup artist Sarah Lucero that’ll help you avoid annoying makeup mishaps and look hot in your glasses no matter what.

1. Opt for sparkly navy or deep burgundy liner instead of black, since these colors are flattering on everyone.

Black liner or shadow can be too heavy for most girls with glasses, but a sparkly navy or a deep burgundy liner, like the deep burgundy Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner by Stila, is warmer and makes everyone look good, no matter what skin tone or hair color you have. These hues give enough power and definition, all while brightening up your eyes and giving you a cool, on-trend look.

2. Switch your look up for Saturday night with a sultry, smoky burgundy eye.

For nighttime, who woudn’t want to wear a super sultry eye out with your girls? But the best way to achieve this look with glasses is by skipping eye shadow and smudging a liner in a warm color such as a deep plum close to your lash line for a sexy effect. Again, forgo black liner or shadow shades, since they might be a bit much when magnified. Try Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Eye Pencil in Vibrant Violet and smudge it out to achieve a dramatic but not overwhelming look.

3. Use a tinted moisturizer to help hide those annoying red marks that glasses often leave behind on your nose.

Apply a beauty balm, like Stila Stay All Day 10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm, all over your face, but focus on certain spots, like the area around your nose. That way if you take your glasses off at any point during the night (to makeout with a guy or whatever), you won’t have those annoying little red marks that glasses tend to leave on the bridge of your nose. BB creams and BB Foundations will also help get rid of any uneven redness from the start, making your skin look really polished so that your eyes standout even more.

4. Blot away excess foundation to keep your makeup from coming off onto your frames.

This is especially important to do on the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks, since that’s where your glasses rest. “Often times foundation comes off on your glasses because you have too much moisturizer or foundation on from the start, so be sure to use thin layers of both to avoid them,” Lucero says. Use a makeup sponge, like the Beauty Blender, dampen it a bit, and roll it over the bridge of your nose and along the tops of your cheeks to lift off any excess product or foundation you’ve applied. Don’t worry, it won’t remove what you just put on; it’ll simply leave you with a non-cakey, airbrushed look. Lastly, dust on setting powder, which will keep your glasses from sticking to your foundation and removing it when you do decide to take them off.

5. Use an eyelash curler to keep your lashes from hitting the lenses of your glasses.

First, you’re going to want to pick up an eyelash curler, like the Kevin Aucoin Lash Curler, if you don’t already have one. Then, before you apply your mascara, focus on the roots of your lashes when curling them; that way you don’t have the issue of your lashes grazing the glass as you blink. Lucero’s pro trick: tilt your head back, hold the curler so it’s almost sitting against your cheek, and give a couple pulses at the very base of your lashes without clamping it too tight. Finally, lift the curler away from your cheek at an angle, reposition it to the mid-point of your lashes, and clamp it along the length of them for an insane curl.

6. Go heavy on the mascara at the root of your lashes, but not on the tips.

Apply one coat of mascara from root to tip as you normally would, but with the second coat, focus on just the roots. “If the tips of your lashes are as heavy as the base, they’ll fall straight again, hitting the glass,” Lucero says. “Instead, wiggle the wand back and forth against the roots of the lashes, so that you have the intensity at the root, but it won’t be heavy at the tip.”

7. Prevent your mascara from flaking off on your lenses with a creamy waterproof formula.

There are two reasons your mascara might be flaking onto your lenses: 1. It’s old. You should only have your mascara for three months, so if yours is past its prime, invest in a new tube. 2. It’s not a creamy formula, and it doesn’t have moisturizing ingredients. You want a mascara that won’t transfer onto the glass, so waterproof is the way to go. Not only does one like L’Oréal Voluminous Volume Building Waterproof Mascara offer some hold (meaning once you curl your lashes, they’ll stay that way because a budge-proof formula will dry quickly and keep their shape), but it also contains hydrating ingredients so your lashes aren’t left dry, brittle, and flaky.

8. Lay low on eyeshadow — and stick with neutral tones — to keep your eyes from looking too heavy in glasses.

Sometimes when girls have too much eye makeup on, it starts to look heavy, so keep it to the bare minimum with eyeshadow, especially in the brow bone area. If you do prefer to wear shadow though, use neutral shades, like a rose gold similar to Kitten by Stila. Shimmer eyeshadow is universally flattering and won’t look heavy on your eye, so Lucero suggests applying it all over your eyelid, and blending it into the crease of your eye, so that it doesn’t look overwhelming through your lenses.

9. Always apply concealer under your eyes to prevent them from looking sunken in.

Now is not the time to skip concealer. Although you might think glasses hide your dark under eye circles, the lenses can actually magnify the circles and make them more obvious. So, consider an under eye brightening concealer such as YSL Touche Éclat, your new BFF. “Tap it on underneath your eyes with a dusting of setting powder on top, and prepare to look brighter and perkier — and not just like you’re using your glasses as a shield,” Lucero says.

10. Don’t forget to shape your brows.

Even though your glasses may hide them, it’s equally important to tend to your brows because they help frame your face for a makeup look that feels complete. To make them standout, use a clear or colored brow mascara like Anastasia Beverly Hills and brush your brows upward and outward to darken them slightly and ultimately give your face a gorgeous, polished look.

11. Let the color of your frames guide your choice of eyeliner shades.

If you have black frames, you can pull off any color of liner. But, if your glasses aren’t solid black, Lucero suggests trying a dark bronze or smoky quartz shade. For tortoise frames, choose one of the colors within the frames of your glasses to make your eye makeup look softer. “What’s most important is the style and placement of the product more so than the color,” Lucero says. “For example, always keep the colored liner tight to your lash line, even if you’re doing a cat eye, to make your eye color pop. That way it accents your eyes instead of distracts from them.”

12. When in doubt, always go with a cat eye.

Cat eyes are great because you can create the shape you want your eyes to be. Keep the intensity of the line near the lash line though, but feel free to experiment with different angles and shape of the flick. “If you go bold with the frames, go bold with the liner,” Lucero says. “That way, you’ll have enough contrast in the right areas.” If you wear rimless glasses, try a double winged line to really make an impact.

13. Complement your bold frames with an equally bold lip. 

Balance is key here. A great pair of statement frames and classic eye makeup will always look best. “But the lips don’t have to be glossy or totally traditional,” Lucero says. “A gorgeous bold eye with boxy glasses and matte, powdery bold lips is chic and modern.” A hot pink lipstick like Candy Yum-Yum from MAC or a true red like NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl can also be the perfect finishing touches to your overall look.

Here’s to “glasses day” no longer being the makeup equivalent to wearing sweatpants!