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What’s Your Hair Saying About You?

What does your hair say about you? Ever thought about it? It could be screaming bloody murder if you’re not investing time! From your hairstyle to the length of your hair, it makes a loud statement before you ever open your mouth. In fact, if it’s looking a little greasy or straggley, it’s talking volumes about you behind your back!

When I do our weekly shopping, I am always astonished at how little time most people spend grooming their hair. It doesn’t take much time so there’s really no explanations for overlooking it, especially if you go out in public. Even if you’re feeling under the weather, you can at least drag a comb through your locks. It’s a basic part of good hygiene, that most of us learned at an early age!

How you take care of your hair is monumental in how it’s going to look. If you don’t bother loving it, your hair is certainly not going to look very chic. That also means that you don’t abuse it by using hot tools or harsh chemicals too much of the time. Because of the way your hair is structured, it really doesn’t take much to ruin your hair completely. If your hair gets frazzled, you have no one to blame but you!

Long hair is simply delicious to behold if you regularly nourish it, keep the ends neat, and keep it brushed out. No need to over-clean it though, if you’re eating a diet that’s plentiful in power-packed foods rich in nutrients. Washing your hair too much can subtract the oils that keep help protect it. Without something to guard your hair, it’s left exposed to the some of the harsh elements that can also cause it harm.

Shorter hair may seem like less of a challenge but it too needs some of your precious attention. It will need regular clipping if you want to keep your present style. If you plan to grow it out, remember that there are some awkward stages you’ll have to live through. However, if you nurture it and primp it often, it can still look really amazing.

Having great hair isn’t rocket science. If you’ve gotten into a daily grind, it may be time for something different. There are so many great haircuts and styles to choose from, there’s really no reason not to experiment a little bit. Breaking out of the ordinary can help your hair say good things about you, without ever speaking a word.

Carolyn Dickerson