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What Kinds of Hotels Do You Like?

Some travelers will only stay in certain types of hotels, while others choose their accommodations based solely on price and amenities. Some like them all.

If you have done much traveling, you know that there are hotels everywhere. Major cities have them as part of their skylines, and small towns have residents who boast of remembering when the local accommodations used to be something else (like a soda shop or dime store). It is not usually a problem to find somewhere to stay when you are traveling, but the decision lies in what type of accommodations you want.

There are generally three types of hotels. These categories will help you when you are looking for a place to stay, although there may be an occasional business that does not fit into one of them. These categories are as follows: budget, mid-range, and luxury.

Budget hotels offer the most basic service with few amenities. As the word budget suggests, these establishments are more affordable than others and are very popular with those who do not want or need the extras offered elsewhere. Additionally, these types of places are popular with families who would otherwise pay more at a “nicer” place. A budget motel may or may not have a pool or other means of recreation, and they usually do not have much of a fitness room if there is one at all. Usually, some sort of breakfast is offered, but it may only consist of bagels and toast or cereal.

Mid-range hotels offer a little more in the areas of amenities and service. Although you will usually pay more, the linens and decor usually reflect the fact that you are not staying in a “budget” location. Just about every mid-range establishment has a pool and fitness facility, and many boast of a hot tub or sauna as well. You can also expect to find nicer soaps and shampoos available, as well as a more elaborate breakfast (if one is offered). Sometimes these establishments offer a very large breakfast, and this is a draw for those who are looking to stay in a nice location but still want to save some money as they travel.

Luxury hotels offer the most when it comes to accommodations. Top of the line linens and furniture as well as name brand toiletries can be found in each room. Often you will have robes and slippers waiting for you when you arrive, as well as a stocked fridge or mini bar. While these amenities are certainly nice, you definitely pay for them as these types of establishments are priced much higher than their less-expensive counterparts. A luxury resort usually has a restaurant in-house, but do not expect breakfast to be included unless it was part of the package you purchased when you booked your stay. You can, however, expect a sparkling pool and top of the line machines in the fitness room.

Regardless of the type you choose, you should expect your room to be clean and free of items needing service. AdditionallyArticle Search, courteous service is an absolute must regardless of how much you paid to stay in your room.

Antoinette Ayana