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Wearing Skirts In Winters

Summer may be over, but you don’t have to put away your skirts just yet! Wearing a skirt during colder weather may seem like an oxymoron, but choosing the right one is the solution. Whatever your body type, you don’t have to be relegated to wearing pants all winter. Here are some fashion ideas to wear skirts during autumn and winter.

The first thing to consider is the fabric. Heavier fabrics like wool, tweed, leather, denim, corduroy and velvet will keep out the chill. Avoid cotton, lightweight polyester, satin and silk. It is a good idea to layer thick tights or leggings during the winter to avoid freezing.

Secondly, consider the color and pattern of the garment you choose. Solid dark colors are best as well as statement making patterns in deep rich tones. Avoid florals and light colors as they are out of season.

Third, make sure the top you choose is extra warm to offset the cold. Cardigans can be worn underneath a long fitted coat. A hat and scarf will also help you keep the warmth close to your bod

Maxis are the most hassle free. Keep the length between mid-calf and right above your ankle. Any longer and the bottom hem could get wet or dirty from the floor. Micro minis seem like they would be the opposite of what you want to be wearing. But layered over leggings, thick tights and knee high boots, this style would work beautifully in the winter. Try a black and white houndstooth pattern with a white cardigan, red infinity scarf, black tights and ankle boots. Or a navy blue one made of wool that lands just above your knee. Wear with a patterned sweater, a short brown coat, thick knee high socks and boots. Full circle styles are pretty when layered under a long winter coat and short ankle boots. A-lines are flattering for all shapes and work especially well during the day.Knee length ones are most flexible, and can look professional for work when paired with a blazer. For a sexier look, try them with a slim fitting sweater. Nights out call for sparkles and glamour. Try a mid calf length sequined skirt worn with a pink cardigan. Wear black tights and shoes, and thick waist belt. Cover up with a wool coat and infinity scarf. Pencil styles are a wardrobe staple that are a must for the office. Their flexibility allows for casual wear as well. Try a velvet one for a twist on the traditional workplace outfit.

If worn correctly, skirts can be worn even in cooler weather. Making sure your legs are covered up should be a priority when incorporating this style.

Crystal G.