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Top 10 Thai Seafood Dishes

Thai food is famous all around the globe for its great taste and flavor. Even the most health conscious people like Thai dishes, because of its health benefits, like low cholesterol content, plenty of fresh vegetables, etc. One of the other important attractions of Thai cuisine is its seafood, thanks to the large coastline of Thailand, which has led to the evolution of a variety of sea-creature based dishes.

No matter, where you go in US, you can easily find a Thai restaurant. Even if you don’t land up in a Thai restaurant, you are bound to find Thai dishes in the seafood section of most restaurants. For example, in Huntsville seafood is very famous, and almost every other restaurant serving seafood has Thai dishes in their menu. Some of the popular Thai seafood dishes are:-

  • Goong Ob Wun Sen: It is a prawn based dish, where the prawns are steamed with glass noodles, ginger, cilantro and cilantro seeds.
  • Ho Mok Pla: This is a popular fish based Thai recipe, also known as steamed fish custard.
  • Ho Mok Ta Le: This is custard similar to Ho Mok Pla, but here other sea creatures are used, instead of fish.
  • Hoi Tod: This is an exquisite recipe commonly found in every thai cuisine menu. It contains fried oyster, battered with egg and presented on a bed of bean sprouts.
  • Hoi Ma Laeng Phu Ob: It consists of steamed mussels with sweet Bai Ho Ra Pha, also known as Thai sweet basil. Other ingredients are kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass and garlic.
  • Hoi Nang Rom Sod: This is another famous oyster based Thai dish, which is made from fresh oysters and chilies, and best served with garlic dipping sauce.
  • Hu Cha Lam: It is a fine soup made from the fins of sharks.
  • Kung Mungkon phao: It is lobster based hot seafood, in which the lobsters are grilled with chillies and served with garlic dipping sauce.
  • Pla Kaphong Nueng King: This dish usually uses only snapper fish, which is steamed with ginger and chillies. However, if snappers are not available, you can try any other fish as well.
  • Pla Krug Phong Kari Tod: This is one of the few oily Thai dishes, in which the fish is deep fried and is seasoned with curry.

These are just 10 popular sea food dishes in Thai cuisine; you can several more in any Thai menu. The best part of Thai seafood is that they are both extremely delicious and very healthy.

Annie Adams