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The Perfect Clutch and Evening Bags For an Event – Don’t Panic – Follow the Instructions Here

The scenario starts like this. Your partner comes home saying he has been invited to an awards event and the dress code is for women to wear elegant and beautiful dresses. You are getting ready and your dress and shoes look perfect. But still there is something missing. You realise you don’t have the perfect clutch bag.

You panic and quickly look through your wardrobe wondering which one will match that pretty dress. Now your partner asks you, why are you taking so long?

Well let me tell you what you can do to avoid a situation like this. Wear black is the simple answer. That is because an evening bag of any colour can match a black dress. Every women has a black bag and most women have red, white and gold bags. Those colours are absolutely versatile and can do wonders to compliment or even contrast the black dress.

A clutch bag is not just a little accessory but its a practical item especially when you need to take money, your lippy and your mobile phone. Those are key essentials so please ensure you choose a bag that has an ample amount of space yet it needs to be compact so you can hold it without the agony of it being to weighty. Weight is essential. If it is small, make sure it weighs a little on the heavy side so you know where it is. If it is a large clutch bag then opt for a lighter bag so its comfortable to hold. This may all sound like common sense but their are so many people who forget these little issues and it ends up ruining the night.

Choosing the clutch bag can be a real problem but again this needs to be thought out. If you are wearing a dress that is plain, go for a clutch bag that is beaded or covered in diamante stones. That can give your dress a more glamorous look. On the other hand if your dress has a design and looks overpowering, go for a clutch bag that has less design. Something of an unusual shape but plain. So that can help give a gentle approach to your outfit.

Remember that choosing your clutch bag is an art. Many women ignore this fact. Simple amendments when choosing can do wonders for your look.

Tejal Lodhia