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Taking Walking Breaks Is Perfectly Alright For Runners

Many runners feel that if they ever take walking breaks that they are not really a runner. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Many runners incorporate walks into their runs. They may be just getting started running, they may be training for a longer road race, they may be coming back from an injury or personal time off from running – there are many reasons to put some breaks into your running. Read on for some reasons why it makes sense to do this..

First of all, taking walking breaks help you to run longer easier than you might otherwise. These short walks help some runners go farther with their runs than they might have without them. Many runners have completed marathons easier with the walk breaks. Also, most runners that run distances of farther than the marathon (ultra runners) usually walk during their training and races.

If you are running longer distances – taking the walking breaks will also help you to recover faster the days after your long run. In addition, many runners who run/walk, will say that they have fewer injuries than if they didn’t put in the walk breaks.

Putting walk breaks into your workouts will also help you to come back faster if you are nursing any running “glitches”. You may have had a sore knee or anything else – and walk to get back to training. By taking these breaks, it will help you to ease back into your routine while still recovering.

Older runners have also said that walk breaks have helped them to continue running longer than they might have without them. The breaks help them to take it a little easier on their body as they “mature” and helps them to recover quicker.

As you can see – there are several reasons as to why you may want to walk during your runs. You can do this with all your runs – or just your longer runs – whatever feels good to you. And, don’t worry about these breaks keeping you from being a “real” runner. Nothing is farther from the truth – in fact – if may even make your more of a runner!

Walking breaks is just one of the things that you can do to stay a runner for life. For more information and running tips – please visit The Streaking Runner.

Also, a running coach can help you to stay motivated and to keep on running for years.

Judy Mick