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Surfing Etiquette For A Perfect Experience

Just like anything else, surfing has its own rules of behavior that we recommend knowing before you venture out in the water. These rules are well-known all over the world and help to keep in order this amazing sport. If you do not follow these rules, you will be exposing yourself and the others around you to having a chaotic surf experience.

Rule 1: Always keep a cool attitude

Be nice, this is a cool sport where mistakes and accidents happen all the time. If you make a mistake, the best thing to do is to apologize. Always try to avoid accidents that may result in injuries, make sure that you and everyone near you are okay.

Rule 2: Never drop in on another surfer

If you are paddling for a left but another surfer already has the wave on his right, you must definitely yield to the other surfer. If it is not you who is the closest one to the peak, you should stop paddling and move out of the way of the other surfer. In the event that you decide to keep paddling until you catch it and start surfing, you will be dropping in and that is not something cool to do.

Rule 3: Respect the right of way

There are cases in which two or more surfers are paddling for the same wave; the surfer that is closer to the peak has the right of way. It is not acceptable to cause someone not to catch a wave. This rule used to be different, in the past the first person paddling for the wave had the right of way. There might be some conflict of opinion about this rule, but in the most of the cases you should stick to the idea of respecting the one closest to the peak.

Rule 4: Move behind the surfer that is riding a wave

When you are paddling back and notice that another surfer is riding a wave, allow him or her to continue riding the wave by moving behind them. You will be smashed by the whitewater but at the same time you will be avoiding and accident and if the next time it is you the one who is riding, you will certainly appreciate someone else doing the same thing for you.

In the end, remember to share the ocean, the sea is there for all of us to use it and enjoy it. Have fun and respect the others and the marine life in the ocean.

Ivan Ern Rodriguez