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Stamping Nail Art Is Easy and Fun

Stamping nail art has become very popular as a nail art technique, and it is easy to see why so many are attracted to the precisely patterned effect. From different textures, to ribbons or animals and flowers, you can stamp all kinds of detailed images on your nails easily enough yourself. Many companies even sell full kits to make it easier for you. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create beautiful designs on your own nails right from your home without having to go to a salon.

The Basics for Doing Stamping

Start out by choosing a specific pre-made engraved metal template that you particularly like. Then you’ll need just a few drops of nail polish poured over the metal plate and use the scraper that came in the kit to distribute the product evenly onto the engraving. Your stamping polish should be a thicker formula nail polish to do this with. Once you’ve spread the polish over the engraving, press the rubber stamp over the plate so that it will pick up the extra polish. After the design is on the rubber stamp, you can rock the stamp gently back and forth, left to right, onto the nail plate with a hand that is steady. Do this for every finger and make sure to let the designs dry completely before you apply a top coat.

Additional Tips for Stamping Nail Art

You can use regular nail polish for stamping nail art, however be aware that the polish could be thinner than you’d like and therefore your design might not show up well in the end. This is why many people choose to use a higher quality polish that is thicker and with more saturated colors.

Basic supplies that you will need include:

  • Your stamp
  • The plate you want to use
  • A scraper
  • Your stamping polish
  • Polish remover
  • A clean up brush or cotton swabs
  • Cotton pads

If you want to use a base color for your background color, you should always put a quick dry coat over this base color as well. With a top coat on your base color, you will be able to remove any mistakes easily by wiping them away with a cotton pad dipped in polish remover.

Keeping Clean While Stamping

Stamping nail art can become quite messy, so if you keep a cotton pad and nail polish remover handy, you can easily clean up the plate, scraper and stamp immediately after you use them. Cleaning everything after doing each nail prevents you from making a mess, plus it gives you a much neater design. If you are afraid of messing up your manicure in doing this, you can pick up the cotton pad with tweezers instead of your fingers. Otherwise, just be really careful when you are picking up the cotton pad.

Stamping is a fun and beautiful way to decorate your nails that is becoming more and more popular. It isn’t as hard as some people think it is, nor will it take up a lot of time once you know exactly how to do it and you have all of your supplies handy.

Nathalie Audet