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Spring-Summer 2014 – Emergent Trends

Taking a page out of each of the renowned gurus of the fashion world – Elie Saab, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch, Antonio Berardi and the like, IAnD spots three primary trends emerge from the international fashion bonanza of the last one month…


The last one month has seen feverish pitch on the international fashion circuits of New York, London, Paris and Milan. What is the next ‘big thing’ in style, what are the colours and silhouettes to watch out for, etc., etc. are only the touch-points of a study that runs deep in every fashion studio worth its salt as it predicts style statements, colour cues and the ‘I-have-arrived’ feel, season after season.

Pluses and minuses asides, three definite trends that do emerge can be broadly categorized thus:

Skin show reduces: With silhouettes more straight, flirtingly close to the body shape, yet not hugging it, easy-going comfort seems to rule the game, even in the few collections that showcase sheer fabric, exposed bras or the tattered effect. Layered dresses prevail as do simple cuts. Floaty freedom in free-flowing fabrics underlines soft feminity; while it subtly underlines a confident independent stride – very much the woman of today.

Monochrome is in: Colour palette borders on essentially chic and subdued with teals, grays, pinks, blues, siennas, blacks, crèmes, and whites – the shades are more cool rather than bold and in-the-face. Even the prints are sober. Abstract prints, some checks and strips thrown in; some metallic highlights too; but mainly solids are being highlighted with sleek cuts, where smart ensembles stand out for their finesse and hold their own without being distracted by other add-on paraphernalia.

Retro references: The pinched in waistlines, full sleeve lengths, round necks, and boat necks without any preamble, shawl lapels, even the part-willowy-part-fit appeal of evening dresses evoke a feel of déjà-vu. Loose fitting trousers bring back the feel of the 70’s bell-bottoms, although now more straight-lined than bell shaped. Surface embellishments are more Indian in appeal with embroidered borders, lacey inserts, and attention to intricacy in detailing. For the finish in the style statement – clutches or compact handbags meet the match with a flourish – nothing sober about these – they come in splashes of colour and prints in direct contrast to the single-tone/ dual-colour outfits.