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Smart Ways of Pairing Coloured Shoes

The safest kind of footwear that one can use is in black and white. Shoes of these neutral colours can be combined with any kind of clothing to look smart. However, if you want to break out of that mould, then you can try colourful shoes as well. To match coloured shoes perfectly with your outfit, you need to put some thought into it. You need to think well in advance about what you want to pair unless you want to end up with a fashion faux pas.

Coloured sandals, ballerinas and peep toe shoes are available quite readily in the market and you can buy a pair. The best colour to start with is navy blue. It is a good substitute for black and can be worn with any kind of attire, especially denims. You can also pair yellow and white clothes with blue shoes.

Another popular colour is pink. Most of the designers are pairing their clothes with pink shoes as a part of their Spring/Summer collection for 2014. Pink shoes can be paired with clothes of pastel shades. However, be careful enough to not pair pink shoes with a pink outfit unless you want to be like the Spice Girls.

Shoes in metallic colours are also quite nice. Apart from silver and golden, metallic hues in green and blue are doing the rounds of the market. You can pair them with outfits in monochromatic shades as well as those in light pastel colours such as white. However, make sure you do not have too much bling on you already otherwise the shoes won’t get highlighted.

Red shoes are also quite good for pairing with different outfits. You can buy the shoes in maroon, cherry red or even bright red. It can be perfectly paired with black, white and other outfits in such neutral colours. However, red immediately attracts attention and hence if you do not want to attract the wrong kind, then pair it with an outfit that is subtle rather than racy.

Womens shoes are available in different sizes and styles and you can pair them accordingly. For example, sandals are good to be paired with Indian clothes such as kurtis, sarees and salwar kameez while covered womens shoes such as kitten heels, pump shoes etc. are better paired with western outfits. Depending on your height, weight and practice of wearing heels you should make your choice. To walk in heels, you need to be graceful and elegant and hence you need to alter your walk to suit the design.

There are many shopping websites that you can check out for shoes for women. A wide collection is stocked in different sizes to fit different people. You can also find flipflops, converse shoes and much more on these websites. They also offer good discounts on the shoes if you produce a coupon.

Buy yourself a pair today and turn stylish within minutes. Make sure you choose a colour that can go with several outfits to economize.

Sohini Sarkar