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Skin Loses its Vitamin C Over Time: What’s Your Face to Do?

Let’s face the facts. No one here is growing any younger. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this as a 15 year old, a 25 year old, a 45 year old, or a 95 year old. Eternal youth just does not exist. It’s true: the more youthful you are, the more invincible you feel, however bear in mind, every 95 year old was ONCE a 15 year old! There’s no way around it: we are all getting older. You’re most likely about 30 seconds older now than you were when you started reading this, sorry to be the bearer of such news…

So while it’s true you CAN NOT stop the clock from ticking, it is similarly true that you CAN actually stop, or even better, REVERSE some of the effects of that ticking clock, especially as it impacts the look of your skin.

My dear 15-year-old: look in that lucky mirror. Get over any acne breakouts you could have at the moment – that WILL clear up if you have it. But do you see how all the skin around your face is soft, tight, clean… ALIVE? Yeah – the rest of us would kill for that! Please, please enjoy that while you can. And then DO something about keeping it that way.

The rest of us are dealing with crows feet, smile lines, age spots, and so on. Some of it is our fault – no, not from smiling! But from spending way too much time unprotected in the glaring hot sun, or brainlessly baking in a spa’s tanning bed, or usually not following what people have actually now learned to be solid, standard practice for skin care, the 4 unshakeable steps: cleanse, tone, skin serum, skin moisturizer. It’s not hard, it takes so little time, and if any of us were back in our blessed pimply days, we’d start up this tried and true regimen without delay.

However, so many of us have actually started this trusted regimen 15 years late, 40 years late, etc, and STILL have actually had fabulous results. The kind that make me daydream about what I WOULD have actually looked like now, had I been doing what I ought to have done all along.

But no matter our ages now, it’s not too late to get into the routines we wished our parents would have known about and instructed us to do all those years back.

So to the point, here’s how to look after your face. You’ve just got one face (I should hope), so for the love of all good and holy, do this every day if nothing else:

1) Cleanse your face well with soap and water, at least two times each day. Pat dry – do not wipe hard, you’ll thank yourself years later for being gentle with your face’s skin.

2) Apply toner. Find your favorite brand and just use that. Follow the directions closely on the bottle for your best results.

3) Apply your Vitamin C Serum. This part specifically has actually been shown to drastically clarify, brighten, and tighten (de-wrinkle/stop wrinkles),especially when used every day. Apply in an upward, outward motion when gently spreading the serum on face and neck. Let dry for a couple of seconds.

4) Apply your daily moisturizer of choice. Unlike the serum’s natural vitamins and plant extract nutrients, this step infuses the layers of your skin with required lipids and moisture, which works in perfect harmony with the serum’s effects.

And that’s it! This needn’t take much time, making you late for bus, work, bingo, or bed.

But it will leave you with your best face to show yourself and the world, for your today’s – and your tomorrow’s.

Jewel M Conklet