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Simple Tips To Grow Your Nails Healthily

There are some simple tips you can follow at home to grow your nails healthily:

1.Coat your nails with a polish or ridge filler to protect them atleast till the manicure lasts.

2. Always wear gloves on your hands to protect nails when doing household chores like washing clothes or utensils as your nails might break when exposed to harsh chemicals.

3. After every session of exposing your hands and nails to these harsh detergents, use a moisturizing hand cream. Don’t miss the nails and cuticles.

4. Apply sunscreen on your hands, nails and cuticles during the day to prevent it from getting damaged by sun rays.

5. Every time to do manicure at home, clean your manicure equipments to keep it germ-free.

6. Don’t neglect nail infections, treat them immediately. Any anti-bacterial ointments like Neosporin, Polysporin, or Bacitracin, will work.

7. Whenever purchasing any nail care product, check that it doesn’t contain chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene. They’ll harm your nails in the long run.

8. Respect your nails and don’t use them to tap your keyboard or cut things.

9. Don’t soak your nails in water for longer periods, they’ll ultimately weaken them causing breakage.

10. Do not overuse Nail polish remover, they contain acetone which when comes in contact with skin and cuticles eventually dry them up.

11.Never push your cuticles back too far. Just cut how mush has peeled off from your nail. And always keep them moisturized.

12. Hangnails are common. Don’t pull or tear them so as to give rise to infections. Cut them gently with a nail trimmer.

13. Its better to avoid dark coloured nail paints even if you are a lover of it. Dark shaded nail polish if kept for a longer time stains your nails giving it an ugly yellow patch.
14. Its best to go for a transparent shade or any light colours like beige or pink with a top coat that will impart a glossy shine to your lips.

15. If you have the bad habit of biting your nails, stop that immediately. You’ll never get beautiful nails if you continue biting them. They uneven your nail shape and never allows your nails to grow.

16. Cut your nails to a considerable length. Don’t keep your nails too long as there may be chances of breakage.

17. Whenever you cut your nails, file them properly as per your required shape, otherwise they grow uneven.

18. When cleaning nails, soak them in warm water for a little while. This makes it easier to clean off the dirt from your nails.

19. Besides these external care, your daily nutrients intake also affects your nail health. Have balanced diet and drink ample amount of water.

20. In addition, also take multivitamin supplements with high biotin content as biotin promotes nail health and growth.21. And last but not the least, now-a-days we have such a variety of Nail art for every nail shape. Beautify your nails with some lovely nail arts and you’ll receive praises from your friends.