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Reveal your personality with nail colors

Nail care tips for your beautiful nails

One can always add to one’s personality by choosing the right nail polish. Choose a nail polish according to your outfit and your mood. Before you decide to paint your nail with colors make sure that you start with the index finger by using one coat and then by applying another coat of nail polish. Coat the nail with about two or three coats of paint get a good effect.

Firstly, you need to condition your hands and clean hem thoroughly. Soak your hands in gentle soap water and gently use a brush to clean your hands. Trim your nails with a nail clipper and try to keep it short. If your hands are feeling dry then try and nourish them with a hand cream. There are several nail care tips to ensure that your hands look and feel good. With a nail file try and smoothen any rough edges and apply clear polish. After applying each coat with color make sure that you dry it properly so that they are no smudges. When you paint your nail make sure that you use thick stroke on the middle and two thinner strokes on the sides for a good effect. You can also create good effect with stripes and spots.

Give a proper shine on your nails

Choose a nail polish that is dark and paint them in your talons. After they dry out completely make sure that you use a contrast color to highlight he stripes and the dots. These designs do stand out for parties and special occasions and looks great when you co-ordinate them with your outfits. One can also try painting flowers in colors such as pink, orange and yellow. However if you like doing French manicure then you can always use a clear coat and then use white nail polish at the edges.

 Another nail care tips is to ensure that you use a proper file. Using a metal file can chip the edges where a file made out of wood will help you to even out the rough edges. Glass files gives one a proper finish. Files made out of crystal are quite good as they help to absorb the water or any other bacterial infections.

Nails in the shape of round, oval and pointed always look good but make sure not to overdo them. Whenever you decide to remove any traces of nail polish make sure that you use good quality nail polish otherwise the removers might stain the nails. Make sure that the acetone remover does not come in contact with the skin as it leads to drying of the skin.

Pamela Andersen