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Natural Make up and its benefits on skin and hair

Natural Make Up has natural antioxidant; these are free radicals in your body which excretes no electron because of their strong stability, it rather helps the toxins of the body to convert into undisruptive waste products which eventually comes out of the body. They de-toxify body toxins and keep you healthy; they work as a cleanser for your body. The antioxidants help in many ways reducing many diseases and curing too. These antioxidants can be easily procured from natural food substance e.g. red kidney beans, Cloves, Bell peppers, tea (mostly green tea) and citrus fruits like oranges or lemon also work great.

Natural Cosmetics are those cosmetics which have more natural extracts and lesser use of chemicals and pesticides. These cosmetics are made out of fruit extracts and seed extracts of oils and a few of them are also made out of the leaf and vegetable extracts, e.g. the cosmetics made out of alovera leaves. These natural cosmetics are very mild on your skin and they do not have any side effects or harmful results. Nowadays there are thousands of cosmetic companies are plunging into the business of making Natural skincare Products and their use extracts of the roots, sharks, barks, flowers even stems of useful trees.

Natural Beauty Products includes products which cures hairfall as well, as hair fall is a most common hair disease, occurring both in men and women. There are many reasons why hair fall happens, but two major causes of hair fall is bad food habit and hereditary. But fortunately hair fall has more care than causes. After a long tiring day or even on a lazy holiday the best way to soothe your mind and body is to take a good facial or massage, but the though of parlour scares you and pinches your pocket too hence its best recommended to use Natural Skin Care

Facial products. All you need to keep few things handy like, few dried fresh herbs, fragrant oils, herbal shampoo, mineral water and a towel and you are good to go.

Natural Skincare has a many great remedy for beauty treatments for both hair and skin. Many of us have many complaints regarding our skin and face, acne, scars, pimples, open pores and many more such things. Though they might sound trivial but for a working lady or a college goer girl it is no loess than a night mare, to solve such skin faults one can use Natural Foundation.