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Natural Deodorant – A Blessing for the Body and the Environment

Have you been worried, lately, about the maintenance of your physical hygiene? Sweating armpits and the unbearable stink emerging from them is what keeping you up late in the night? You may think that using a deodorant to shoo away the body odour is the best possible solution to your problem. But this is far from the fact. Deodorants come in a wide range of qualities and quantities. Some are designed for tough skin; whereas, some for sensitive covering. They are also further divided into two main segments- for men and for women, depending upon their suitability.

But the most important and difficult question you may come across is whether to buy a cosmetic deodorant or a natural deodorant? This article may prove a boon to all those who face a similar dilemma. A synthetic deodorant versus deodorants is a battle that has been on since a while now. And the natural deodorants are, probably, the winners keeping body hygiene as well as the environmental factors in mind. Here is a guide regarding the same. Dermatologists, today, have seen a considerable rise in the cases of skin cancer, skin allergies and other skin diseases. So, they highly recommend the use of naturally made deodorants, and not the artificially flavoured ones, as they are gentle and mild in nature.

It is said that regular use of antiperspirants may lead to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. But no studies have proven this and even if this is true, the risk of contracting such dreaded diseases can be reduced by using deodorants. Unlike the conventional perfumes and sprays, a natural deodorant is operational in combating body odour in a safe manner. They are free from chemicals and artificial colours that cause skin irritation and rashes and contain only organic and ingredients derived from nature. Contrary to the common belief that sweat causes body odour, it is the bacteria feeding on sweat that give birth to the stench. Natural deodorants play their best role in fighting this distinctive smell without a single side effect.

The use of all-natural components like eucalyptus oil, aloe-vera pulp and mineral salts has helped the natural deodorants grab a hold in the eco-system. Also, the recyclable packaging that the new brands are offering is instrumental in drawing in a lot of environment enthusiasts. Amongst the top brands that are known only few sell best natural deodorant and best deodorant for women. Natural deodorants are also a good option on the economic front. They are gentle to your skin and your pocket as well!! All those who are still sceptical about purchasing branded natural deodorants can also prepare them at home in few easy steps.

All you need is some common things like coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, Shea butter, etc. that we use in day-to-day life.

Carlton Mansour