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Nail Art Hints and Tips

Nail art is quite the rage these days and in fact has been for some time. When people first get into this trend there is the tendency to hit the salons and have it done by a professional. But the cost of doing so starts to add up, and quick. If you find that this describes you, well we have some good news. There are several inexpensive ways to do nail art yourself at home. And you may be pleased to find the results are just as good as what you can get at the salon.

Do be advised beforehand though, that as with anything else, nail art is a practice makes perfect kind of thing. In other words, prepare yourself for the fact that your first few tries may not turn out all that great. But the more you do it the better you will get. The neat thing is that it won’t cost an arm and a leg and several trips to the salon. That being said, let’s begin.

Perhaps the most important thing you will be using when doing your own nail art is the brush. First you need to make sure the brush works with acrylic paints. This is vital to your nail designs. Then, depending on the kind of design you are going to be creating, you will need to make sure that you have the correct brush. The two most commonly used are the detailing and stripping ones. Of course, it will be dependent on exactly what type of design you are applying.

A word of advice. Always clean your nail brushes both before and after every use. If you are going to be mixing polish colors then quite obviously you are going to need more than a few and maybe even several brushes. Fortunately, these are not expensive at all and remember, you are forgoing expensive salon prices. Check prices online and offline for comparisons.

You can even add stickers, decals and tiny jewelry pieces on your nails. Most of these are pre-crafted and available at just about all nail and manicure supply stores. You can almost always easily apply these with the use of tweezers. Make sure though, that once they have dried you put on a clear sealing of nail polish to lock them into place.

And the internet along with nail art supply sites offer up a multitude of designs that you can apply to your nails at home, usually with complete easy-to-follow instructions.

David Dai Davies