Learn The 7 Guarded Secrets to Anti Aging

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Most people have used Simple Soap and water to clean their face. Why? It is cheaper than all those soaps and heavy creams.

Have you ever wondered if regular soap and water are good for your face? The truth is:

1. Regular soaps can contain residues that stay on your skin. This residue actually dries out your skin and sticks to your pores. When it sticks to your pores, it could clog them. Your skin can get excess oil secretion due to the tissue trying to recover the moisture it has lost naturally, or if unable to produce enough natural oils to recover from thick residue leftovers.

2. Residue left from soap that does not come off with regular water can actually attract dirt and “fly aways” that you see floating in the air on a sunny day.

Many skin types then acquire the combination effect. Dry in some areas and get oily in others. Glands secrete natural oils that naturally protect your skin so that it stays moist, but it simply cannot reach your skin with residue pockets.

3. Products sold in Department stores use the same product ingredients as the other. Ever hear about off brand names that use the same food, just put a different label on it? It is the same concept.

4. Organic products are not always Organic! Learn what the ingredients are and then if the manufacturer tweaks one or two drops of an ingredient into a product, and calls it Original or Organic, you will know the difference.

5. Sun causes skin damage. Soap on your skin, plus sun, causes even more damage. Your skin dries out faster and can make it easier to blister and shrivel up. Without proper care, Your skin can become like reheated bread in an oven, dry and with no moisture. Your skin is there to protect you from sun, wind and harsh elements.

6. Ignoring your skins need for replenished moisture, year after year causes wrinkles and damage to your pores. Blemishes, dark spots and even scarring can occur without proper hydration.

7. Not all wrinkle creams and anti aging products help. Some actually, make it worse.

Heavy creams and non-specific skin type ingredients for your individual skin, can make it hard to protect, and eventually the natural collagen is not restored. If the skin has too much (oily) or too little (dry) natural oil, our skin loses the elasticity it once had. Glands may produce excess oils or react to ingredients that do not allow them to secrete properly and make the problems worse.

Gently remove Dead skin and do not irritate it with harsh chemicals. Gently exfoliate the dead skin from your face, with a soft cloth and anti aging formula that has proven over time, that it works. This is essential to renewing your healthy glow.

TJ Cagle