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Kim Kardashian Wants More Kids

Despite a notoriously tough pregnancy with daughter North, now 8 months, Kim Kardashian is willing to go through the struggle all over again to give her little girl a playmate.

“After being pregnant, I would definitely say I’d never do this again,” the reality star told Ryan Seacrest Tuesday on his KIIS-FM morning show.

“It was a really hard pregnancy. But I love my daughter so much and I know what it was like to grow up with siblings, so I definitely want to have more,” Kardashian, 33, says.

“I’m definitely not going the route my mom did. She is crazy. When I was giving birth, I looked at her and said, ‘I’m going to buy you a medal.’”

Kardashian, who says she will have “three [kids] tops,” went on to gush about her little one, who was born last June.

“My daughter is like the cutest thing ever,” she said. “I know every parent says that about their own kid, [but] … She is the sweetest, she’s the calmest and all she does is laugh. Like she just will laugh at anything you say. I’ll put my toe right near her and she’ll just start cracking up. She’s the sweetest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen.”

The E! personality, who is “loving being a mom,” didn’t necessarily think she’d bask in the joys this easily.

“I never thought I’d say that,” Kardashian explains. “I went into this so scared – so scared of every last thing … I’ve always wanted kids, but for some reason, when I got pregnant I was so scared. Everything everyone tells you about having a kid and how it’ll change your life and it’s the greatest experience and you’ll love it – it’s that times one hundred.”

And it doesn’t hurt matters that Kardashian has the help of her fiancé, rapper Kanye West.

“We met like 12 years ago … and maybe eight [or] nine [ago], we started to become cool and friendly,” she explains of her love of two years, who she will wed in Paris later this year.

“We’ve kept this friendship ever since. It would go in and out. We would have relationships and stuff like that, but we really had such a strong bond … All in all, he’s really just been a great support system and has really held my hand through all my mistakes.”

Source: People