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Jessica Alba Says Acting Is Like a Drug

The actress Jessica Alba, who appears on Nylon‘s March cover, admits she finds herself craving characters who push boundaries – all roles that are a far cry from her daily life as a wife to Cash Warren, mother of daughters Honor, 5½, and Haven, 2½, and the co-founder of The Honest Company.

“I don’t have to be a boss; I don’t have to be a wife; I don’t have to be a sister,” Alba says in the magazine’s spring fashion issue.

“It’s been liberating to be able to play someone who’s a badass or promiscuous because that’s the opposite of who I am … It’s like a drug.”

But stepping outside of her comfort zone is still seemingly new for Alba, who adds she was always one to play it safe in the public eye.

“Before, I was so fearful of failure and judgment that I was scared to put myself out there,” she says.

Alba has since come to the realization that “you don’t have to be a robot, you don’t have to be appropriate all the time.”

And if by chance, the 32-year-old – who “used to be so hard on myself” – stumbles, there’s always an opportunity to start fresh.

“You have to realize that as along as you don’t make a habit of it, tomorrow will be here, and everything will be okay,” she says.

Source: People