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How to Take Care of Your Delicate Lingerie

Many women spend a fortune on costly lingerie purchased from up market stores and reputable retailers every year. It is only logical for them to expect their underwear to last as long as possible. It can be a tragedy if after wearing your lingerie a few times, it gets worn out and suddenly you find yourself looking for a replacement. There are useful tips that can ensure your underwear lasts as long as possible.

Lingerie Cleaning Tips

Whether you have the latest designer lingerie or you settle for budget friendly items, it makes sense to prolong their lifespan as long as possible. Taking special care of your underwear helps it to maintain its beauty and elasticity. Here are some preparations that you can make before cleaning your intimates:

• To avoid having your lingerie entangled in the process of cleaning, always ensure that you attach the hooks to the eyes.

• Make sure the items you intend to wash are all of similar colors.

• Always have your items buttoned up. In case you have ribbons or drawstrings, have them tied up. If you have zippers, zip them up.

• Using bleach on your underwear can damage your fabrics, never use bleaches.

• Hand washing is the best method of cleaning your lingerie. A gentle detergent is necessary as this will maintain the quality of your fabric and enable it retain its shape.

• Using cold water to wash your items protects both your colors and your hands.

• Using protection systems such as the Brababy provides more protection for your undergarments.

• Wringing your lingerie puts unnecessary stress on them. It is safer to soak them in cold water and detergent before gently squeezing. More cold water is then needed for rinsing. It is better to blot your underwear in a towel before laying it flat to dry out.

• If you decide to machine-wash, then it is a good idea to use a lingerie bag. Always remember to set your water temperature to cold. Have all the hooks clasped to avoid your undergarments getting entangled.

• Never dry out your lingerie in the dryer. This is not recommended because even the lowest heat setting can damage the elasticity of your underwear thus reducing its lifespan. Sun drying or laying them flat to dry will maintain their quality and extend their lifespan.

• It is advisable to separate your lingerie from the rest of your clothes before washing.

• To prolong the lifespan of your bras, you should avoid wearing them on consecutive days. This puts undue stress on them that breaks down their elasticity, losing their perfect fit. Letting your bras rest for a day or two is an excellent way of resting them to ensure they return to their original fit. This also lets you wear the bra without necessarily washing them each time you wear them. Always have two or more bras to wear in an alternating manner.

• After about six months, ensure you replace your bras. By this time many of them are usually worn out and lose their proper functioning.

Your favorite Lingerie does not have to be worn for a short period only to be discarded. With the right care, you can extend the life of your precious undergarments.

Charles O. Momo