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How to Strengthen Finger Nails

A lot of things can go wrong with your nails. For example they can become brittle, discolored or flaky. Brittle nails can be as a result of becoming dry and can easily crack, split or break.

Your nails define your hands in many ways. When your nails are nicely shaped they will make your hands look inviting! You can make your hands look more desirable by applying a good nail polish but if nails are broken or split then they won’t look right no matter how much you try to cover it up.

So, the solution is to try to treat weak and brittle nails rather than trying to hide them. Here are some tips for treating brittle nails:

1. Wear Gloves

Wear gloves to protect your nails and your hands. Wear them when you wash dishes because water can seep into your nails causing them to swell and become brittle. Also, wear gloves if you go outside when the weather is cold.

2. Keep your nails cut short.

Nails are more likely to become damaged when they are long, and can get in the way when doing daily tasks. Doing tasks in the kitchen or at the office can be tough on your hands so stay alert to avoid accidents to your nails.

3. Use Natural Cosmetics

Some nail products can cause an allergic reaction. Use natural cosmetics and avoid nail hardeners as they can cause nails to become too hard and brittle. Moisturize your nails instead of hardening them.

Minimize the amount of nail polish remover that you use. Only apply as much as you need to remove the polish. Avoid products which contain harmful ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde or acetone which can dry out your nails. Phthalates and camphor and may also cause allergic reactions.

4. Don’t trim your cuticles.

Cuticles are important for healthy nails and if you trim them too much then you can become more prone to an infection and can lead to deformed nails. If you are being bothered by a hangnail then cut it cleanly with scissors.

5. Use Enhanced Nail Polishes

Some nail polishes contain extra minerals and vitamins, which can improve the health of your nails.

6. Use a Super Moisturizer

In recent years a type of cream called a super moisturizer has become popular. They are creams that have ingredients such as vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter added to them. Some people prefer to make their own with ingredients such as vaseline, egg yolks and milk

7. Avoid the excessive use of nail extensions.

The chemicals that are used to fix nail extensions can be hazardous to nails. For example, methyl methacrylate can cause respiratory problems and serious allergic skin reactions. It has been banned from some countries, including the US, Australia and New Zealand but not the UK.

In addition, there is a risk of skin cancer from the ultra-violet light which is used to fix the artificial nails, according to recent research. Experts fear that the high dose of UVA rays can damage the skin.

8. Give your nails an occasional rest.

Give your nails an occasional rest from nail polish which allows them to breath. You can also check their physical appearance to make sure that there are no problems developing with them. Moisturizing creams are more effective on nails which are unvarnished.

9. Eat Well

Include foods like fish, tuna, shrimp, trout, milk and nuts in your diet and eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

In conclusion, if you follow the advice in the above tips then you should enjoy healthy nails. However, if you still have brittle nails then you should consult a physician as other causes of brittle nails can include low amounts of zinc and iron and thyroid problems.

Sarah Jane Walker