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How to Stop Hair Fall Caused Due to Stress?

Generally, people notice extensive hair fall weeks or months after any stressful event and this fall can continue for several months afterwards. Fortunately, in such cases hair can be restored once the source of the stress is removed. However, there are several

Understanding the Stress Related Hair Loss:

Types of Stress Related Hair Loss:

Stress-related hair fall can be categorized into three types, telogen effluvium, alopeca areata, and trichotillomania.

1. In the condition of telogen effluvium, the hair follicles comes into a resting phase which stops further growth and ultimately leads to severe fall.

2. In alopecia areata, due to stress the immune system starts functioning abnormally which effects the hair follicles and results into loss.

3. Trichotillomania is a condition caused due to stress, loneliness, boredom, depression or anxiety. It makes one to compulsively pull his or her own hair whether from scalp, eyebrow or other parts of the body.

See a doctor in order to ensure what type of hair issues you are suffering from. Your doctor will diagnose you to reach the root cause of your ailment. Hair loss can be caused due to a wide range of issues such as hypothyroidism, auto-immune diseases such as lupus and poly-cystic ovary syndromes (PCOS) . Before starting any treatment doctors should know the reason first. For proper diagnosis your doctor might undergo several tests and check your medical history.

In case hair loss is suspected to be caused due to stress, the primary aim in your treatment should be to eliminate the element called stress from your nervous system. Once stress is out of your body, hair will automatically grow back on its own.

It is essential to have patience while dealing with such issues since hair growth cycle is lengthy and it can even be a number of months before you see any significant improvement. Besides undergoing treatment, the same dedication to reduce stress should be there from your side also in order to get effective results.

The biggest natural medicine to get rid of stress is to have sound sleep at night. Apart from this you need to eat healthy, include food rich in vitamins and minerals, protein enriched and monounsaturated fat foods in your diet. From the ancient time till today it is said that yoga releases stress from your body. Thus, practice yoga regularly for peace of mind and a healthy body.

steps to follow in order to end this problem.