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How to Remove Nail Polish Stain

Old nail polish has the ability to leave a person’s nails with a stained and discolored appearance. While it is very discouraging to look at these nails when they look so awful, this situation is not impossible to correct. In fact, there are several methods to remove nail polish stains from fingernails, and nail experts suggest that those who have nail polish stain should use the method that works best for them.


One way to get rid of ugly yellow stains that have settled on nails is to use Clorox or some other type of bleach. The first step is to mix a tablespoon of bleach in a cup of water. The next step is to soak the nails in this mixture for a few minutes. The hands should then be removed from the mixture, and the nails should be scrubbed with old toothbrush. It is best to soak the nails again for another few minutes. The yellowing on the nails should be gone, but if some yellowing is still noticeable, the process may be repeated.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Some nail professionals recommend that clients brush away the yellow stains on nails with hydrogen peroxide. This works about the same way as the bleach solution. After soaking the nails in peroxide, it may help to a brush the nails with toothpaste. Therefore, the next step is to dip an old toothbrush in toothpaste and scrub the nails until the yellow appearance is gone.


Another tried and true method involves using the juice from one half of a large lemon. This plan involves dipping the fingers in the lemon juice and moving them around for about two minutes. The nails should then be removed from the lemon juice, and they should also be scrubbed with toothpaste and an old toothbrush until the yellow coloring is gone.


If the lemon juice treatment does not work, another worthy idea is to soak the nails in a solution that is half water and half hydrogen peroxide. It will be necessary to soak the nails for 5 minutes or more. Afterwards, it is good ideas wash the hands with warm water and soap, and it helps to buff the nails with an emery board or file.

Denture-Cleaning Tablets

Another method that may restore the nails to their original color is to soak the nails in denture-cleaning tablets. Use the directions on the package for best results. After the soaking, brush the nails with toothpaste and an old toothbrush.

Tanya Loo