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How To Make Your Eyes Appear More Open, Easily

Eyes are always classified according to their general shapes. This can be: wide set, deep set, close set, prominent, hooded and standard. Before deciding on the kind of makeup to use, take a greater deal of your time to learn about the shape of your eyes, to ensure the makeup you choose to apply will enhance the shape of your eyes.

Take some time to look at your face in the mirror, when wearing no makeup, so as to analyze your face shape, and especially the shape of your eyes. Often times women don’t take the time to really appreciate and understand their own face and eye shapes. Understand this will be the first key to applying better makeup and making the most of your natural beauty.

Assuming you are now familiar with your eye shape, it is good to know the type of makeup that suits them. In many cases the makeup style you use will blend in with your look and eye shape, however the key goal is always to choose a look that makes your eyes appear more open.

For example when applying makeup on hooded eyes, to appear more open, you can create a lifting illusion using a few simple steps as outlined below:

*Apply a light peach eye shadow on the lid, taking it all the way up to the brow bone using a fluffy eye shadow brush.

*Use an intense chocolate eyeliner to draw on the top lash line. Using small strokes from the centre, work outwards paying close attention to where your line finishes. Be careful not to draw the line downwards, but ensure you extend the line past the lash line and lift upwards.

*Bring the line back carrying the line into the inner corner of the eye.

*Using a chocolate brown shadow create a false crease above the natural crease to give the illusion of a lifted lid. Work outwards buffing and blending in small circular motions to give a lifted effect.

*Curl lashes to appear wider.

*Apply mascara.

Following the above tips on a regular basis will bring amazing changes on your look and make your eyes appear much more open; this will boost your confidence and your overall image satisfaction.

The key here is to practice these techniques, so you get used to them and perfect the way you apply makeup to make your eyes appear more open and wider. After you practice and get used to it, it will become natural for you to apply your eye makeup the ideal way to make the most of your natural features.

Remember, nothing tried, nothing gained! Give these tips a try.

Maria P. Thompson