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How to Make Nail Strips Last Longer

Have you tried nail polish strips?  If not I am sure you have heard of them from a friend or co-worker.  Often called nail wraps or nail stickers these dry nail polish strips are one of the biggest trends in home manicures.  They are quick and easy to apply and offer a variety of designs that would be impossible to paint by hand (unless you’re an award winning nail artist), but the best part about them is they don’t smell.  I hate the smell of nail polish and if you are like me you might want to try them.

Each brand and manufacturer of nail stickers have different formulas so each product will be a little different.

Once of the most important factors for having long lasting nail polish stickers is to properly prep to your nails.   You are going to need to clean your nails with nail polish remover wash your hands and use a moisturizing lotion as well as cuticle oil.  Once the lotion and cuticle oil has dried and your hands are not greasy you can begin applying the nail wraps.

To start remove the protective covering of the nail strip you are going to apply.  Make sure you choose the right size nail strip, being too big is better than being too small.  Once you have chosen a nail strip remove the bottom paper and place the curved end tight up against your cuticle.  Smooth the nail strip along the edge of the cuticle making sure to get any wrinkles out.  Once this is done pull on the end of the nail strips to stretch it over the nail.

Use your finger to smooth from the cuticle to the tip of the nail.  Tuck the excess nail strip under your finger nail and use a cuticle stick to score the access.  Use a fine nail file to smooth the end of the nail and remove any leftover nail strip.

Once you have applied all your nail strips let them cure for a half hour.  After 30 minutes apply, 2 layers of clear coat, I recommend .  Avoid soaking your nails in water for long periods of time when using nail strips.  Wearing gloves to do dishes and things of that nature will drastically increase their longevity.  If you follow these tips you will have no problem having chip free nails for 7-10 days.

John Hall