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How to Find the Perfect Winter Hat

Finding the perfect winter hat is an important decision, a hat can enhance your wardrobe while keeping you warm. The most important choice when purchasing a hat is to ensure the hat works with the shape of your face, some hats suit round faces, while others suit long faces and then there are those that are perfect for any face shape.

Ski hats have remained a firm favourite when it comes to a winter hat. These hats automatically offer that warm feeling, they look cosy and can complement a work or casual outfit. Combined with a coat, gloves and scarf, the ski hats can be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

When looking at ski hats, you need to ensure they work with your facial shape. In a majority of cases those with longer faces will enjoy these hats and how they look than those with round or heart shaped faces.

Another top choice when it comes to a winter hat is beanies. Beanies have been around for so long and are unisex, in that both men and women wear these hats. The beanie is a more casual style that can be worn with jeans, a puffer jacket, gloves and scarf. The beanie is often worn on colder days to keep the head and ears warm. These hats suit those with a heart shaped face and can look out of place with a longer face.

The only way to be sure is to try the hat on in a store, ensure you like how it looks and then shop around for a quality winter hat at the best price.

Trapper hats have grown in popularity as winters continue to get colder. Trapper hats look like a winter hat and have wings on both sides which comes down to cover the ears.

Trapper hats come in a choice of materials from woollen hats to fur styled hats, they are easily incorporated into a casual wardrobe and suit any face shape.

Looking at flat caps is a good choice for anyone with a rounder shaped face. Flat caps are stylish and sophisticated and can be worn for work or casual. They look good with a military styled coat or a pair of jeans and big jacket. Available in a choice of colours, these hats are a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

The Peruvian styled hats are very casual, but a top choice for anyone looking for a good quality winter hat. These hats are often woollen with a fun and colourful pattern, the hat comes down with two wings, one covering each ear. The Peruvian styled winter hat is ideal for any face shape and can complement a casual wardrobe on a cold winter’s day.

The beret has been a popular choice for many years. The beret oozes sophistication, elegance and style. The beret can be worn when heading to work or heading out with friends for an afternoon. While the beret doesn’t cover the ears, they give that warm look to any outfit.

The advantage to the beret is that they are the perfect winter hat choice for any face shape, blending into your wardrobe with ease and suitable for as both casual and smart wear.

Not everyone finds comfort in wearing a hat. In some cases no matter what face shape you have, a hat never quite looks right on your head. Even though you can’t wear a hat, you still need to stay warm, which is why ear muffs remain a popular choice during the winter months.

Ear muffs can keep your ears warm, protecting them from the icy wind without worrying how you look with a hat on.

Ravi Kari