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Holiday Makeup Ideas To Make You Sparkle That You Can Use This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching; it is the season to be jolly, generous, and to look amazing! To get into the festive spirit, a little sparkle goes a long way. Because it is the party season, here are some seasonal makeup concepts and suggestions that will make you the star of the evening from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

Holiday Makeup Trends

The seasonal makeup trends this year will shift into a higher gear. Following the season’s color theme, two shades ought to constantly be your staples– silver and gold, integrated with red satin lips and smoky eyes, which makes that sparkly twist. Adding a bit of flair of balancing a rich eye and lip colors would be a casual bun or basic braid that creates a sophisticated appearance suitable for any party of the season and fits any outfit.

Holiday Makeup Suggestions

If you are somewhat in your 40s and have noticeable skin changes, here are some seasonal makeup concepts that you can have fun with. Put on a great deal of lashes but if you do not like to overindulge on eyelash extensions, heavy duty mascara will do the trick for you. The voluminous mascara will give you this fake eyelash appearance drawing attention to your eyes instead. If you do not feel these shimmery glimmers on your face, any color that suits your skin tone will do, as long as it brightens up your eyes.

Make your eyes sparkle with integrated shades of silver or glittery gold eye lids and dab an ample amount on your cheeks for a more balanced appearance. Try selecting an eye shadow in a lighter shade with a fine glimmer that blends with your skin tone. A neutral glitter powder can beautify your usual makeup appearance. You can also use your makeup brushes to gently dust your makeup on your collarbones for an attractive sparkle as well. Even if you are beyond your 20s, you can still absolutely get away with this. Always keep in mind, do not overdo it since ‘less is more’ on using glitter on your face, preventing you from looking like you belong on a Christmas tree.

A plum shade over a pastel is suggested to prevent the makeup from washing out your skin. You can pick a feature on your over-all makeup to accentuate and keep the rest as neutral as you like. This will absolutely give you a radiant skin without being too sparkly or glossy.

Red satin lips can absolutely make or break your holiday spirit, and given that this is a period of celebrations, you will absolutely eat and drink and be merry. To ensure that your lip-stained puckers stay all evening long, pick a dual formula lipstick that has a stain and conditioning balm as well. This makes it possible for the color to be locked in place all evening and do not forget to put some gloss for this holiday make up trend. Adding a little shimmer on your lips is also a fun method to enhance your holiday outfit.

With these holiday makeup concepts and holiday makeup suggestions, you can absolutely get the right mix for your stunning holiday appearance. Grab your makeup brush set and try a few of these ideas and who knows, you might be the next it-girl for the holiday.

Kathy G Miller