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Hair Straightening Techniques

Everyone wishes to have straight and shiny hair. Unfortunately, not all Indian women are blessed with straight, sleek and shiny hair. But with modern techniques it is not difficult to have straight hair. Depending on the budget and time anyone can now have this.

Different techniques are used for straightening purposes. Rebounding, which is permanent straightening, is the most famous technique. But rebounding cannot be done at home and only salons offer this treatment. This can be time consuming and costly.

Rebounding is offered to both men and women as it becomes a trend among men as well to have sleek and straight hair. But rebounding has some side effects as well. No doubt it is a permanent hair straightening technique but after some time the hair starts getting fizzy, rough and rebellious. A lot of damage is done to the hair because different chemicals are used in this process and its side effects become visible after some time. And a lot of care is required after this treatment.

One can also use dryers and brush for straightening but again this process requires a lot of time and too much heat from the dryer can cause damage to the scalp.

Another way which is affordable, easy and less harsh is using straighteners. This is affordable in a sense that you just have to buy a pair of the best straightener once and a couple of people at home can use it. Using this at home is the fastest and cheapest technique to achieve better result. There are a number of such products introduced in the market but it is advised to select the best hair straightener among them which provides the latest functions and less damage.

Using straightener is not a permanent hair straightening technique because once you wash they comes back to their original texture which is in a way good as you will not be bound to have straight all the time and can try different styles unlike rebounding.

Many products are also introduced in the market which can be applied on hair before or after using straightener in order to get a sleek and shine look. Using such products is optional because best results will be achieved if good straightener is used.

products with ceramic plates and steam options are available in town. Also new straighteners with shine serums are also introduced. It is wise to go for straighteners rather than rebounding or using hair dryers to straighten your hair.

Vivek Singh