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Guidelines to Pilates

Pilates was introduced by German-born Joseph Pilates for the rehab of wounded soldiers during the First World War. The exercise form focuses on developing strong abs, thighs and reduces excess fat from the belly region. Pilates also contribute to improving body balance, flexibility, postures and muscle strength. Joseph Pilates introduced a mixed form of exercising that has styles and concepts of martial arts, yoga and western exercises as well.

Altogether for ages this form of exercising has proved to be quite efficient for the exercisers. Initially this style of fitness was adopted by US dancers but gradually it was unfolded that many Hollywood celebrities also work out in this style. Jennifer Aniston and Madonna are best celebrity patrons of Pilates traced till date.

What are the health benefits of Pilates?

There are innumerable health benefits of Pilates and some of them are mentioned and about to be discussed.

Those who suffer from obesity, issues such as arthritis, back pain and spondylolysis often join the camps of Pialtes training. This is considered as one of the most effective exercising forms that help people in rehab as well. Body toning, muscle shaping and overall flexibility are maintained by regular work out in this style. But exercisers must not forget to get trained by a professional trainer by joining their pilates classes.

Some facts about Pilates-

  • This form of exercising can reduce weight. People of all ages can join the classes of the trainers offering the martial art based Pilates. From teenagers to seniors from new mothers to corporate officials, people are welcomed to attend this exercising. In fact, in many cases it is proved to be one of the best forms of exercising for weight reduction, relief from child birth issues and also to kill stress of the corporate employees.
  • At many corporate offices, pilates are considered as the best fitness exercising method. The employees can easily go outdoors for their pilates classes during breaks. The trainers know better how to deal with weight loss issues and stress relieving issues.
  • Those who are suffering from severe chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart ailments should depend on this kind of training to maintain the stability of the disease.
  • Often exercisers get confused about using pilates reformers and mats. The reformers are mainly found in the training centers or the fitness studios. But often people couldn’t afford the reformers but yes they can easily get that at the trainer’s club and gyms.
  • Pilates are best for those people who are reviving from accidents. Often it becomes difficult for the accident survivors to get complete relief only with medication. Doctors mostly ask the accident survivors to work out. This is the high time when people actually look for a reliable Pilates trainer who can understandably help the survivors. They teach the different pilates technique so that they can fix their physical issues fast.
  • Pilates reformers are also used by sports persons. For maintaining fitness athletes, cricketers, and footballers.