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Got the Blues? A Manicure May Be for You

Most every woman feels down or sad every now and then. It may be that life has become too demanding and a bit too stressful for you, or recent events have just made you feel overwhelmed. If you need a pick-me-up, a manicure in Vancouver may bring you the solace you’ve been looking for.

Women often schedule themselves last on the calendar, but why should you always relegate yourself to the back of the line? Why can’t you treat yourself like a princess? After all, if you don’t treat yourself very well, no one else will either. We teach people how we want to be treated. If you treat yourself with love, kindness, and care, others will follow your lead.

How does a manicure in Vancouver fit into the scheme of things? A manicure is the ultimate physical and mental moment of relaxation. You are taking care of two of the most visible parts of your body – your hands – when you get a manicure. You are telling the world that you care so much about yourself that you take the extra time to attend to all the details, like your hands and nails.

With a proper manicure, you send a signal to your colleagues and friends that you value yourself, and they should too. If your cuticles are immaculate, people will notice. Conversely, if your cuticles are ragged and sore, people will notice. You have to decide what message you want to send to both yourself and other people.

Beyond the basic manicure in Vancouver, you could opt for a shot of color. You can choose a more demure, basic polish color if you need a buttoned-down business look, or you can opt for a wilder, trendy shade of polish if you want to express yourself. A nail specialist can recommend the right shade for you if you’re undecided.

By tidying up your appearance to the best of your ability, you’ll feel more put together in general. How do you feel when you’re looking your worst and in your old pajamas? Probably not very good. On the other hand, imagine the opposite: How would you feel if you attended to every part of your body and took primo care of yourself? You probably feel better able to take on the world and all of life’s challenges.

Jennie Li