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Gorgeous Face Make Up For an Evening Party

Every woman wants to look her best, especially in a party, where there will be hundreds of other beautiful looking women. Yes, we have often heard that inner beauty counts more than outer attractiveness. But, that thought can be given a break sometimes. Working on your facial looks is as important as being good from within. A naturally beautiful face can look more charming, when you apply a perfect blend of makeup.

Are you getting ready for an evening party? Then you are surely wearing your best evening gown, a pair of stylish stilettos, and carrying an attractive hairdo. You can be the diva of the evening with these ‘easy to follow’ make up tips.

First of all, it is very necessary to hydrate your skin before starting to apply makeup. Spray some clean water or rub your face and neck with a few cubes of ice. This will help even out your skin and make it supple. Apply a good moisturizer on your face and neck to have a better makeup experience. Now it is time to use a primer, which will help you apply the concealer and foundation. The primer should be used on the entire face and neck as it aids in minimizing pores and makes the makeup last longer.

Concealers are available in a variety of tints. Use the one that matches your skin tone and cover all the problem areas, like spots and blemishes. Select a foundation that is of the same shade as your skin and apply it on your face and neck. Blend the foundation well, giving your facial skin a flawless look. After you have applied the foundation evenly on your face and neck, you are ready to play with different shades of colours. A blush will provide you with rosy and highlighted cheeks. This is a good reason to smile. So smile, and apply a shade of blush using a brush on the apple of your cheeks. Blend the colour from the cheeks upwards towards the hairline. Keep in mind not to apply blush below the cheekbone. A darker dash of pink on your cheeks will go well with the evening party mood.

Do you want to make people drool over you throughout the party? Work on your eyes for that. Beautiful eyes can grab a lot of attention, which is enough to make you the center of attraction. Define your eyes and brows with an eye pencil that is one shade lighter than the colour of your eyebrows. It highlights the eyes and makes it look magnificent. Decorate your eyes with a lighter shade of an eye shadow that suits the colour of your dress; spread it evenly on the eye lid. Take a darker shade of eye shadow of the same colour and enhance the outer corner of the eye. Then, apply a black eye liner on the lash line of your eye. Do not forget to apply a few coats of mascara on your eye lashes. Your eyes are now ready to create the magic.

To finish this sultry evening look, add some colour to your lips as well. Outline the lips with a pencil. This will create a good shape of your lips. Fill in with a coat of lipstick, possibly a dark and bright shade. Apply a matching shiny gloss to add glitter to your lips!

Xavier M Pattinson