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Fitness Exercises For Surfing

The universe is full of different kind of sports and activity, and it is a fact that if you want to participate in these activities you have to be physically fit and trained in these activities to do the activity properly. Surfing is one of the water sports that most of us will love to do. In surfing, a person has to move forward upon the waves. Moreover, it is very difficult to fight with the waves. The fact is that you have to first get yourself trained with surfing exercises to be fit and to avoid injuries.

A surfer should be regularly trained with surfing exercise to improve the aerobic energy system (with oxygen) and your anaerobic energy system (without oxygen). As surfing uses a combination of these two energy systems. Surfing does not require and well built body. It requires a flexible body that can move at any moment of time. Stiff body is not at all required. So people do not worry, do not spend hours and hours at the gym for bodybuilding.

The best way to train you for surfing is regular exercise that involves cardiovascular, strength training, plyometrics, and stretching. The main thing that is required in surfing is endurance. In surfing, the effectiveness of exercise and physical training that you have done will play an important role. You have to take into consideration the quality of exercise and type of physical training that you have done so far. These entire factors will help you do your best in surfing.

There are different kinds of exercises that you can do on a routine basis like cardiovascular, dumbbell squats, lunges, chest flies, bicep curls, and triceps extensions, Bird dog band pull, Plank dumbbell row. These all exercise built the core strength of body and core strength is most important that a surfer should have in him.

The main reason why most of the people struggle while learning new techniques of exercise is not due lack of misunderstanding the method but, due to physical inability to execute the activity. Crunches are a great exercise that can help you to improve core strength in you. Surfer can also do reverse crunches. However, Doing 100 crunches in the morning is not good enough to get core stability and core strength, to get core strength plank exercise is very good. These exercises provide stability and endurance that you will need during the course of surfing. This exercise involves maintaining a difficult position for extended periods. Apart from crunches, you can also do the air bicycling to help you develop strength in your core muscles.

While surfing heart of the surfer should be in his control and for that, a surfer should regularly train himself with cardiovascular exercise. These exercises include stretching, running, swimming, jogging etc. Swimming is the exercise that improves the flexibility, mobility and strength in a surfer.

Another set of exercise is plyometric exercise also known as “jump training” or “plyos”. These exercises are based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible. The training focuses upon generating power and concentration in a rapid explosive way.

The next exercise for developing upper body strength and endurance, balance, core stability & strength will require set of Dumbbells. Doing dumbbell exercise need, a little more concentration and you have to be more careful.  The very first exercise that you can do is single arm Dumbbell split squat. These exercises are good to avoid injuries during surfing. For dumbbell split squat, perform a split squat with a dumbbell by your side in the opposite hand to your front foot.

Flexibility and mobility are two important areas that a surfer requires a lot to prevent injuries and to improve his performance. Flexibility will also help surfer by allowing him to paddle stronger and perform maneuvers more easily. The more flexible you are, the less energy it takes to move your body throughout its range of motion. For improving flexibility a surfer must do stretching, stretching will help you improving flexibility and mobility.

All the above exercise will help a surfer to do well without injuries during surfing. Apart from this surfer must monitor his routine exercise and improvement in his body.  The thing that is to be kept in mind for total surfing fitness is that, more you exercise more you will improve your performance.