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Easy Manicure Trends for 2013

Go beyond the usual solid colour nails and have fun with these easy to do manicure trends for 2013. There’s no harm in experimenting with safe and fun manicure and pedicure trends that will add a great accent to your overall look.

Below are some of the easiest manicure trends to follow:

• Sugar Nails
Sugar nails look delicious, adorable, and are one of the easiest manicure trends to follow this 2013. All you will need are the following: white glitter, pastel coloured nail polish, and a top coat. First you need to apply two coats of the coloured nail polish and allow it to dry. After that, apply the top coat onto the nail as an adhesive and immediately pour the glitter onto the nail. Wait for it to dry then brush off the excess.

• Salt Nails
Salt nails are a quirkier spin-off of Sugar Nails, because you’ll be using actual iodized salt. The process is just as easy: paint on one solid colour for each nail, then apply clear nail polish after the coloured polish has dried completely. Then pour some iodized salt on a piece of paper because you’ll be using this as a funnel to pour onto each nail. Tap off the excess salt and brush over your work with top coat to keep the salt from melting.

• Matte Nails
Matte nails are in this year, however matte nail polish can be expensive. That is why many stylists have cleverly come up with ways on how to turn ordinary nail polish into matte polish. This is one of the easiest ways: brush on your regular polish onto each nail and do two coats. After they have completely dried, hover your nails over some steam and watch it become matted.

• 3D Nail Art
If you want something¬ that’s quite fancy but won’t be too complicated to do, you can try putting on 3D nail accents. The most popular kinds would be the tiny crystals as well as the caviar beads, but there are also other quirky designs made out of polymer clay and such. All you will need aside from your regular polish would be nail art glue to stick them on and a pair of tweezers to make positioning easier for you.

• Glitter French Manicure
This particular manicure trend looks great on long nails. All you need to do is to apply glitter polish instead of white nail polish on the tips of your nails. In order for the glitter to stand out, you a solid colour all over your nails, preferably in a contrasting shade to that of the glitter itself.

Manicure trends are fun and exciting to try whether they are all the rage or not.

Peter L Stokes