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Dress up tips- How to appear fashionable and attractive?

Dress up tips- How to appear fashionable and attractive? Some people have the money but don’t know the art of buying clothes. They end up buying very expensive clothes which despite their glamour fail to do justice. Why is it so? Is it because those attires just don’t have the fire-power to make you look hot, or is it because they just don’t go with your body type and skin tone? More often than not, it is more to do with latter. When you are buying clothes, you have to buy what looks good on you and not necessarily what looks good on your worldly friends and cousins. One’s personal body type and skin tone play a pivotal part in selection of dress. With trendy Rick Owens clothing and other designer outfits on the shelf, it is not such a daunting task anymore to fill your wardrobe with sexy outfits.

At the same time, it is advisable not to try too hard to fit into an undersized cloth or to slip inside something which is just too large for you. Fitting does count and it is better to wear a less impressionable right-sized dress than to wear a more colorful ill-sized outfit. Confidence is the key for everyone. Those who are short on confidence will look uncomfortable even when they are clad in the best possible outfit. They can practice a bit before the mirror to get over their diffidence and to improve their attitude and social presence. This can help, since someone who carries a positive confidence can even pass off before a gathering even when dressed in a drab kind of outfit.

In order to stay in the fashion, it is important to keep track of the inventory of the popular and reputed designers and their outlets. Fads keep changing every few months in today’s dynamic world. However, if you have the right amount of confidence, you can create your own fad. That is to say, you do not have to follow a fad blindly just because it is trending. It is advisable not to wear out something which gives you discomfiture. You will never be able to pull it off. On the other hand, if you feel confident and comfortable in an out-of-fashion outfit, you will still be able to pull it off, provided you accessorize it well and complement it with a warm smile. Do keep in mind that most people would follow your face and if a radiant smile is sitting on your lips, it will instantly trigger a positive impression.

That being said, one must admit that there are some popular kinds of outfits which almost always help you up your fashion quotient. T-shirts with a funky zing are excellent for casual outings and if you can team it up with a nice grungy jacket, you can look like million bucks..

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