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Dos and Don’ts For Healthy Nails

Nails are the most ignored part of our body. Take a close look at your fingernails and notice… Are they strong and healthy looking? Or do they appear cracked, dented and unusual colored? Whatever be the case, you can maintain healthy nails through proper fingernail care.

Some of the Fingernail care Do’s and Don’ts are mentioned below. Know more, do more:


1. Keep your fingernails dry and clean: Make it a habit to keep your fingernails dry and clean as doing so prevents bacteria and other unwanted substances from growing below the nail surface. In addition, while washing clothes, cleaning utensils or using cleansing agents like phenol, try incorporating the habit of wearing gloves to protect your nails from any harmful exposure.

2. Trim and file: It is important for you to trim and file your nails on a regular basis. Doing so will keep them in the best of their health. Also, if you’re in the habit of biting your nails… quit! Make use of a nail cutter and a filer to help get your nails into shape.

3. Moisturize: Do not be surprised! Even your nails and cuticles require moisturization. As and when you moisturize your hands, make sure to massage hand lotion into your fingernails and cuticles as well.


1. Misuse your nails: Misusing your nails in reference to poking or picking things. Understand the fact that they are your nails and not a tool. Make use of them for the purpose they serve and nothing beyond.

2. Bite your fingernails: Biting your fingernails and cuticles can damage the nail bed. Even a minor cut or opening alongside your fingernail can allow harmful bacteria to enter and cause an undesired infection.

3. Ignore nail problems: Having a nail problem for too long is something that you should avoid. If your nail problem exists for too long, make sure to visit a dermatologist to analyze the cause and treatment for the same.

Care Tips for your Nails:

1. Keep your nails short: If you are a person with weak nails, make sure to keep them short to avoid any further complications or infections. In addition, long nails are more likely to split and break.

2. Moisturizer:Use a moisturizer on your hands and apply it to your nails as well. Try practicing this routine at least 2-3 times a day. At night, wear a pair of cotton gloves to keep the moisture intact.

3. Apply enamel:Applying nail polish is beneficial to the nails as it helps keep the moisture intact.

4. Use less nail polish removers: Try using less of nail polish remover that contains acetone. The reason being, acetone is a component that dries the nails.

5. Biotin Supplements:Visit your dermatology doctor and ask him/ her for foods that you can consume to improve the health of your nails. Consuming good amounts of biotin will better the health of your nails making them smooth and well- textured.

Sanjay M Joshi