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Dangers of Manicures and Pedicures

Every one craves for presentable Personality. Along with talent and experience, smart and glamorous is the new keywords to success. Every one wants to look glamorous and smart. So we end up beautifying each part of our body in order to appear more appealing. Many of us choose to head towards the salons or spa during our luxury time. Although people always associated manicure and pedicure with the women whereas nowadays even men would love to indulge in them. But along with pampering which gives us soothing feeling there comes some dangers which are unhidden. We end up paying heavily price for few hours of luxury and flawless skin.

Although the manicure and pedicure treatments provided at most of the spas and salons will appear to be same. They may even use same products, same procedures, same charges but the difference may be in terms of safer practices adopted by these spas or salons. One should always stop to check the salmonella or health inspection score posted on the walls at the entrance of the saloon. These are given in response to the health safety standards adopted at these places while serving the clients.

One may get attracted to the ambiance at the spa or saloon, but instead of getting trapped into the aromas of the cosmetics and the chirpy beauticians they should pay attention towards the sanitation and the surroundings. Most of us choose to ignore the foot bath after finishing with our pedicure. Many of us just get satisfied on seeing that employee is effortlessly wiping the bath after pedicure. But it should be ensured that bath is neatly scrubbed with brush and cleaner. Although these foot bath may give us more soothing and rejuvenated experience once the legs are dipped into it but these foot bath is home to many of the infectious bacteria which are transferred through the skin and nails. There are instances to prove that manicures and pedicures can lead to the nail fungus. Nail fungus or bacterial infection is caused around the nail. Your nails appear to be yellow, discolored, thickened. Some people may discard it as cosmetic issues but when left untreated this may cause pain in feet of the person with irregular immune system. It was reported once that the reputed salon in California was shut down after women started experiencing painful boils on their legs after the pedicure. The reason led to the conclusion that foot baths were the real culprits. Also the instruments used for manicure should be soaked in a sanitizer to prevent from spread of germs. So it is to be checked whether the instruments used between the manicure is sanitized or not. Some nail salons ask their customers to bring their own packet of instruments to avoid any infection. This will prove to be very effective in stopping the infections to be spread out.

Workstation should also be cleaned in between the clients. Wiping out the place will not solve the problem. Each and every time as soon as client leaves the place should be cleaned using cleaning solution.

So next time you think of pampering yourself with the luxuries of the manicure or pedicure then ensure that you are not risking your life by negligence of the hygiene. Bringing ones own manicure tools will also solve the problem.

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