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Choosing The Best Hair Color For Gray Hair

Recollect the time you stood in front of the mirror and discovered your first gray hair? It would have felt like your worst nightmare had been realized, for most people it does feel so. And why not? After all, gray hair is a sign of the fast approaching old age and the fact that you are past the golden years of youth. However, in this age of advanced technology, there is no need for you to be reminded of your gray hair every time you look into the mirror. People today are lucky, in the sense, that they have access to many hair products that effectively conceal gray hair without affecting the quality of hair.

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For Your Gray Hair
Start by taking a look at the roots of your hair. Observe the percentage of gray. Is it 25% gray, 50 % or completely gray? If its 25 % or less gray, you should look for a semi-permanent formula. Always pay attention to terms like “No Ammonia”, “Blends”, etc. In case you have 50 % gray hair; you will need something that conceals it well. Permanent Color is a safer option. For others, you would need a cream based formula that works well in providing an even hair tone. Here, you should look for words like “100 % gray coverage” etc. when choosing hair color.

What To Avoid While Choosing Hair Color
To color gray hair, you should select one color level lighter in order to minimize the contrast between lighter root and dark shade. When considering a cool tone, you should ensure that you don’t just buy a neutral or warm color. Warm Colors generally don’t blend well with Gray Hair.

Another good advice would be to consider a lighter tone, so that as your hair grows, there is less contrast between the natural color and the shade you apply.

In addition to these tips, when deciding to choose hair dyes or hair colors, you should consider the potential health hazards that a lot of chemicals possess. Certain hair colorants can cause skin patches or cause severe allergic reaction, so be careful while buying.

Omar Chaparro