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Black: Should You Wear It?

The good news is that most people can wear black and look great. Women buy black, sometimes in large quantities – it’s all they wear, because it is always available, it’s versatile and it has a reputation for being slimming. A note here, black is not always slimming. If worn too tightly, black outlines the silhouette and will actually make a person appear larger. The same is true for black hose; black will define the shape of your leg. If you like your leg shape or you want them to appear smaller wear black. However, if do not want to draw attention to your leg shape do not wear black hose.

Wearing black can make you look elegant or it can make you look tired and drab. If you find that wearing black near your face makes you look drab you might need a touch of color or you may need a lower neckline. Experiment to find out how to wear black, here are a few suggestions:

1. Wear metallic jewelry near your face – a necklace, earrings, or scarf. If you have cool coloring wear silver; warm coloring wear gold.

2. Try a turtleneck and then a scoop neckline (with accessories). Can you see a difference? Which looks better or are they both equal?

3. Wear a black print near your face, either a print scarf or a top.

4. If you find black is not flattering near your face, choose a flattering color to wear in place of black and keep your skirt, jacket and pants black.

If you feel black is not good for you try another neutral such as navy or cream. Wear accessories to bring the color alive.

Sheila Dicks