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Beaches of italy – Best destinations for summer vacations

Want go visit the beach in Italy during summer vacations time? Great idea! With over 5,000 miles of coastline, Italy boasts countless beautiful beaches.What more can be stated about beautiful, unique Italy, already among the top cultural and sightseeing destinations on the planet, it is also an excellent location for a lazy summer holiday. With more than 4,500 miles of coastlines, east, west and south, beach holidays in Italy provide something for everybody – dazzling purpose made resorts lined with loungers and parasols, barely explored rocky crags and bays, laid-back family retreats, and vibrant party hotspots – don’t lose out on this varied, incomparable country.

For Italians, the beach holiday is a sacred ritual which takes place each summer with migratory precision. Some families have been visiting the same beach club for generations and not consider another spot, others choose their location based on what’s fashionable. Whether they walk for miles to have a wild beach to themselves or pack into tight rows of loungers, the annual spectacle of the democratic decampment-eating ice cream or heaping plates of fritto misto, taking long naps under their umbrellas, congregating in teams of friends and family and comparing notes on seaside summers past-is really a sight to behold. While Italy comes with some Caribbean-like stretches with aquamarine water and ivory sand (especially in Sardinia and Puglia), a slender patch of pebbles at the side of a rocky cove can be viewed as truly great when coupled with a working harbor, a medieval fortress, and a tiny restaurant serving the freshest seafood.

La Guardia, Elba, Tuscany

You will find over 150 beaches dotting Elba’s coastline, so there’s no trouble finding a nice quiet location to lay your towel. Also referred to as La Polveraia, this sheltered, shingle beach on the island’s western coast is always fairly quiet, even during high season. The dark rocks here plunge straight down to the transparent water below.

Su Tiriarzu, Sardinia

When it comes to great beaches, you’re spoiled for choice in Sardinia, the big island off Italy’s western coast. However with its sparkling water, powder-pristine and lush Mediterranean vegetation, the beach at Su Turiarzu needs to be one of Sardinia’s best. And don’t simply take our word for it: The beach recently received the “Five Sails Award” from Italy’s environmental association Legambiente and the Touring Club’s “Guida Blu.” It’s also rated because the best beach in Italy for its water quality and environmentally-friendly initiatives.Situated in the medieval city of Posada around the east coast of Sardinia, it is readily available and because of its shallow waters, a perfect spot for families with children. While here, don’t forget to soak in the rich history and culture of one of the oldest towns around the island.

 Tuscany – Best Cultural beach of Italy

You’ll rarely hear an English word spoken on Tuscany’s long and varied coastline, because most travelers are drawn to its incomparable cities. But the beaches happen to be near to some less-visited but well-preserved villages with rich archaeological sites.

San Domino, Tremeti Islands

San Domino is definitely the greener from the three Tremeti Islands, its pines offering welcome shade from the heat. Although there’s a sandy beach – Calla delle Arene – right in which the ferry lands, it gets packed in the summertime. Instead, follow signs for your Villagio TCI and head for the Calla dello Spido – one of several of the quieter coves within the west from the island.

Fornillo, Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast is a big group of beautiful beaches of italy for summer vacations. While most targeted traffic to the Amalfi coast’s Positano head to the swanky Spiaggia Grande, in-the-know visitors-particularly those in search of peace and quiet-beeline to Fornillo Beach, only a 10-minute leave. (Bring the digital camera, since the walk alone affords breathtaking views!).And who says spectacular beaches need to be sandy? Fornillo’s pebbled stones give the beach its charm. And the look at the Amalfi coast’s iconic cliffs, not forgetting a Norman tower, ensure it is even more picturesque. Better yet, Fornillo is generally quiet and peaceful… although it could get crowded in summer months.

Levanto, Liguria

Anchoring the westernmost point of the Cinque Terre, the unpretentious small resort of Levanto feels quite cut off by Ligurian standards, but it features a nice sandy beach, which, despite the amount of parasols, features a great surfy vibe.

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